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How to Install Performance Distributors Livewires 10mm Spark Plug Wires - Red on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Taylor Street Thunder 8mm Spark Plug Wires (05-10 V6) (lube included)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • New spark plugs
  • Pb blaster or liquid wrench
  • Spark plug socket or (5/8 deep socket wrench, ratchet, and extensions)
  • High temperature spark plug lube
  • Air compressor but not mandatory
  • 3/8 wrench
  • Gapping measuring tool
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Installation Instructions:

1. First you need to get car up to temperature to work with but let it cool for reasonable heat to work with.

2. Take notice of the spark plug positions on the coil pack and which spark plug it goes too.

3. Start taking off the spark plugs wires from the boot, twist the boot to break it free and easily pull the boot off. You could do one at a time or all of them at once and match up new wires later.

4. Now you should have all the wires off, with the spark plugs and coil pack exposed.

5. If your changing the spark plugs as well then start by spraying either liquid wrench or pb blaster on the spark plugs and let it sit for 15-30 min.

6. You will need a 5/8 deep socket or a spark plug socket.

7. Easily loosen the spark plugs, if they won’t budge give them another squirt of liquid wrench or pb blaster until they get loss enough to pull out.

8. Once you get one out you need to check your gap on the spark plug for your car. Then you need to lube up the new spark plug with high temp nickel anti-seize lube. Do not coat the electrode strap.

9. Tighten the new spark plug back into place and then do the rest as well.

10. Once the spark plugs are replaced set your wires out and put the right length of the new wires with the old ones, match them up.

11. Once you have the right length of new ones with old ones start on one side of the motor and hook up the boots to the spark plugs. Push in until you hear a snap.

12. If you haven’t taken off the clips to the old wires yet take them off with a flathead screwdriver and I took the plastic tubing off of my old ones and put on the new ones.

13. Plug the new wires into the coil pack and make sure they are in the right spot on coil pack.

14. Go to the other side and do it again.

15. Once everything is in place you can put the clips back on the make them secure, and if you put the tubing on the new wires set them on the spot on the wire where it will be touching anything hot.

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