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How To Install Performance Distributors S.O.S. Coil On Plug Kit on Your 2011-2014 Mustang GT

Installation Time

90 minutes

Tools Required
  • Ratchet
  • 12" Ratchet Extension
  • 5/16" Socket
  • 5/8" Deep Socket
  • Torque Wrench (optional)
  • Wire Spark Plug Gauge
  • Flexible Retrieving Tool / Spark Plug Boot Pliers
  • Needle-Nose Pliers (optional)
  • Anti-Seize Lubricant
  • Performance Distributors Electrical Grease (Supplied)
American Muscle
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Step 1: Remove Battery

Use a 5/16” socket to remove the battery terminals and battery retaining strap.

NOTE: Instructions say to disconnect the negative battery terminal. I found it much easier during the installation to remove the battery for more workspace.

Step 2: Remove Engine Cover, Oil Catch Cans, Coil Covers

Step 3: Disconnect Coil Electrical Connector

Pull up on red training clip. You may need to use a decent amount of pressure to remove the plug. I used needle-nose pliers between the coil body and the plug to prevent breaking the plug.

Step 4: Remove Coil Retaining Screw

Using a 5/16” socket, remove the coil retaining screw. The coil can now be removed by hand.

Step 5: Remove Spark Plugs

Using a ratchet with extension and 5/8” deep socket, loosen each spark plug. With a retrieving tool or spark plug pliers remove each spark plug.

Step 6: Re-gap Spark Plugs

Using a wire spark plug gauge, re-gap your spark plugs to 0.55”.

Step 7: Apply Anti-Seize Lubricant to Spark Plugs

Anti-seize lubricant can be purchased at your local auto parts store. It does not come with the coils.

Step 8: Re-install Spark Plugs

Using a retrieving tool or spark plug pliers, ensure the spark plug is not cross-threaded. Once the spark plug is threaded properly, tighten with ratchet, extension and a 5/8” deep socket.

Step 9: Apply Performance Distributors Electrical Grease to Coils

Using the supplied electrical grease, apply a small amount to the end of each coil.

Step 10: Re-install Coils

Place each coil back into the engine ensuring the rubber fitting creates a seal.

Step 11: Reconnect Coil Electrical Connector and Re-Install Coil Retaining Screw

Step 12: Reconnect Engine Cover, Oil Catch Cans, Coil Covers

Step 13: Reconnect Battery

Use a 5/16” socket to reconnect the battery terminals and battery retaining strap.

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle Customer Jake Donaldson 7.16.2014

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