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How to install a Performance Automatic Street/Strip Valve Body on your 1994-1995 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 8mm, 10mm and 13mm metric sockets.
  • Flat screw driver.
  • Installation Instructions;


1. Raise vehicle and secure firmly

2. Remove trans pan, filter and electrical connectors.

3. Remove detent spring and roller.

4. Remove 24 valve body bolts and EPC bracket.

5. Remove valve body and lay on a clean work surface.

6. Remove shift solenoid pack and TCC solenoid and reinstall onto new valve body. Wiggle the solenoids back and forth to remove and install.

7. Install white spring supplied inside OE spring on 2‐3 accumulator piston. See figure 7A below.

8. Remove 1‐2 accumulator piston. Discard all OE springs. Install the 2 large red springs supplied into the 1‐2 accumulator bore. Re‐install the 1‐2 accumulator. Install the green supplied, retainer and snap ring. See figure 7B below.

9. Make sure the new valve body gasket has remained on the valve body.

10. Place new valve body onto case, making sure the manual valve is engaged into the shift lever, and loosely start all the bolts making sure the long and short bolts go back into their respective holes.

11. Make sure the EPC bracket is installed to hold the EPC solenoid into the case.

12. Tighten all the bolts.

13. Reinstall the wire connectors onto the EPC, TCC and shift solenoids.

14. Reinstall filter.

15. Install new pan gasket.

16. Fill Trans with 4 quarts of ATF (Mercon V). This level will be finalized after the vehicle is started and brought up to operating temperature.