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How to install a Plenum Extension Throttle Body Cover on your 2005-2010

Installation Time

15 minutes

Tools Required
  • Ratchet
  • Extension
  • 5/16 Socket
American Muscle
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*Important* Please read entire instructions before attempting to install this product. This will prevent any missteps that could complicate the process or cause damage to yourself or your Mustang.

**Note** The Plenum Extension Throttle Body Cover is a close color match to the factory OEM plenum cover, but may not always be 100%. There may be a slight variation in color between the OEM Plenum Cover and the Throttle Body Cover

Three simple steps to install the Plenum Extension Throttle Body Cover.

  • Step one:

Loosen the nuts from the front engine plenum studs, but do not remove the nuts completely.

  • Step two:

Carefully install the Throttle Body Cover on the front engine plenum studs, make sure it’s set correctly.

  • Step three:

With ratchet, extension and a 5/16 socket gently tighten the nuts. Do not over tighten.

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