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How to Install a Pop-out Quarter Window Kit on your 2005-2009 Mustang

Installation Time

4 hours

Tools Required
  • Small hammer.
  • Electric Drill with Phillips Tip
  • Flat Thin Screwdriver
  • Pair of Closed End Wrenches
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Water with Sprayer
  • Wire Strippers
  • Butt Connector Crimpers
  • 1/4" Drill Bit
  • Torx Bit Set
  • Standard Socket Set with Ratchet
  • Hand Rivet Gun with Various Tips
  • Super Glue
  • Sheet Metal Shears
  • Utility Knife with New Blade
  • Glass Cleaner with New Rag
  • Metal Hacksaw
  • 6-Pack and Lawn Chair for Breaks (optional)
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Installation Manual

One Piece Products
Conversion kit
Series VI
2005-2009 Ford Mustang (S-197)
Power Qtr Glass Popout Kit

First and foremost we would personally like to thank for you interest in our new window

popout conversion kit. It was designed to be installed by someone with basic

mechanical skills. In this kit you will find all the necessary hardware needed to perform

the conversion.

In the following pages you will find detailed pictures on the installation process. These

pictures will have a short one to two line description of what is being done in the step

mentioned. Feel free to contact us with any feedback to improve our kit. If there are

any difficulties that you can’t figure out, Please feel free to reach technical support at

(888)663-7763 During the business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru

Friday – Pacific Standard Time.


1. Brand New Qtr Glass with mounting plate and spiral gear.

Quantity(2) Left/Right

2. New Seals to prevent air and water from getting into the cab.

Quantity (2) Left/Right

3. New Motors with regulator assembly (including mounting hardware)

Quantity (2) Left/Right

4. New Switches including wiring harness.( will need minor modification)

Quantity (1)Pair

5. New Motor mount brackets

Quantity (2) Left/Right

6. New Spiral Gear Locking Brackets

Quantity (2) Left/Right

7. New Spiral gear assembly cover

Quantity (2) Left/Right

8. New Spiral Gear Set with female thread.

Quantity (2) Left/Right

9. Hardware (Rivets, Self-Tapping screws, electrical butt connectors,)

Quantity (assorted)

10. Braided wire for removing glass from the car.

Tools required

► Small hammer.

► Electric Drill with phillips tip.

► Flat thin screwdriver.

► Pair of Closed end wrenches.

► Blue masking tape

► Water with sprayer.

► Wire strippers

► Butt Connector Crimpers

► 1/4” drill bit.

► Torx bit set.

► Standard socket set with ratchet.

► Hand rivet gun w/ various tips.

► Super glue

► Sheet metal shears

► Utility knife w new blade

► Glass cleaner with new rag.

► Metal HackSaw

► 6-Pack – lawn chair optional for breaks.

Dissassembly steps

(Please remember to follow the steps carefully.)

Brief disassembling tips:

1. With both seats moved all the way forward you will need to remove the rear interior Quarter panels, upper and lower including both back rest and lower seat cushions. Along with the plastic door sills on both sides of the car.

2. You will also need to remove the trim panel under the steering wheel including the instrument cluster panel.

3. You will need to remove each original quarter glass using the braded wire provided. ( DON’T FORGET TO USE PLENTY OF TAPE SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE YOUR PAINT!!!)

4. Please keep in mind that if you keep the doors open for long periods of time your battery might go dead(Keep a Battery Charger handy).

1. With the seat all the way forward you can begin by removing the lower seat cushion.

2. There is a little plastic stem under the seat press the center and pull up on the seat cushion. There is one on each side.

3. Lift up on the seat cushion and slide out of the car.

4. There are 3 bolts holding the lower portion of the backrest.

5. Unlock the the upper rest with the pull strap on the outside of each seat and remove back rest from the car.

6. Using a small flat scredriver pry back the seatbelt bolt cover.

7. Use your socket and ratchet to remove seatbelt bolt.

8. Use panel removal tool to remove Tree clips on the qtr panel located behind the backrest of the seat and the other clip located near the foot area.

9. There is also another tree clip under the carpet .

10. Remove both plastic door sill trim, Pry it back carefully using panel removal tool.

11. Completely remove both interior qtr panels.

12. With the lower panel out of the way, proceed to remove upper interior qtr trim panel.

13. Use the small flat screwdrive to flapdown the screw cover and remove the close hanger hook.

14. Using your hands or panel tool pry back the clips and remove the panel.

15. Slide forward the upper trim panel and out of the car.

16. Slide the masking tape into the gap of the glass and body. Please make sure you cover all your painted are around the glass. TAKE YOUR TIME ON THIS STEP, YOU DON’T WANT TO SCRATCH YOUR PAINT!!!

17. Tape around the perimeter of the glass on the body NOT ON THE GLASS.

18. Using two close end wrenches and the braided wire to remove the glass. DON’T FORGET TO USE WATER WITH A SPRAYER.

19. Spray the gap between the glass and body with water. Slide the wire from the widest point and work your way toward the back slowly.

20. When half way thru cutting out the glass use tape on the area where you first started to prevent the glass from dropping when you finish the cutout process.

21. Remove the glass.

22. Carefully scrape out all the old glue that held the glass in place.

23. Use a brush to clean off the residue and dirt left behind. Wipe down with rag, then use pinchweld primer provided in the kit. Crush using your fingers and squeeze out primer. Use in area where scratches are prominent. Let dry for about 10-15 minutes.

24. The seal provided in the kit has to be split down the middle, One for each side. It is left a little long , you will have to trim to size.

25. You will begin halfway on the bottom in the center. Make sure surface is clean and dry. Peal back the white strip and begin.

26. Carefully roll around the radius corners and continue until the meet again in the bottom middle.

27. Using a razor blade carefully cut the end roughly a 1/8-1/4” longer and line it up with the beginning end.

28. You will be sliding the glass into place.

29. You will need to slide the glass into place , It will be snug so you have to slide with a little bit of effort.

30. You will need to drill two ¼” Holed for the new rivets.

31. Using your rivet gun, Compress the new Rivets provided in the kit.

32. You will need to screw together and preassemble the regulator using the mounting plates.

33. There are 6 screws to the motor and 3 to the inside quarter panel sheet metal.

34. Take the Female spiral gear and press it thru the regulator. (Outside view shown).

35. Screw down regulator with center spiral gear in place for centering gear.

36. Mock fit the Spiral Gear Lock and screw it in using 2 self tapping screws provided.

37. Screw it in to make sure it fits and then remove it for installation later.

38. This step will be a little tricky. Slide in the motor mounting bracket with regulator screwed on thru the spiral metal gear coming from the glass. Then Slowly Thread in the Plastic Sprial gear in place. DO NOT SCREW DOWN YET TO QTR PANEL.

39. Using a small battery jumper of DC POWER SOURCE. Turn the motor so that the mounting bracket and spiral gear will self center into its NATURAL CLOSED POSITION.

40. Check outside of the car to make sure the glass is sitting evenly in the opening around the glass. Once done continue to screw in the bracket using the Self-Taping Screws provided.

41. After screwed in Proceed to install the Spiral Gear Lock.

42. You might need to use the power source to pop out the qtr glass a little bit to slide the Lock into place.Screw it down and install the Center Long threaded Stop into the Spiral gear using loctite to prevent from it coming out.

44. Find the natural position of the motor and screw it down.

45. Use tie straps to run the wiring down original wire loom.

46. Use a Nut Driver or your socket set to remove the screws on the panel under the stearing wheel.

47. Use your trim panel removal tool to remove the inside kick panels next to your E-Brake.

48. Pull it out the kick panel.

49. Pull out the instrument panel cluster cover. With your plastic panel removal tool.

50. Remove the lower panel cover and disconnect the electrical connectors behind the light switchs.

51. Using the template provided make sure you have a level cutting line to the light switch panel. Use a Sharpie or marker to trace the cutout pattern for the new switchs.

52. Using a new utility knife or another cutting tool, cutout the traced lines and remove it.

53. Your new cutout should look like this.

54. The white arrow are pointing out.

55. Follow the diagram in the schematic to wire your new switches. We reposition the the wires coming in from the motor to match the direction we want the switches to run in.

56. In order to run the wires thru the panel uninterupted you will need to cut out a portion of the metal and plastic reinforment plate to the left of the stearing wheel.

57. Use a hacksaw to cut this portion. Cut to the first long vertical crease next to the mounting hole.

58. This is how it should look. MAKE SURE THE WIRES CLEAR COMPLETELY.

59. Cut the plastic aswell to clear a path for the wiring andremove.

60. Remove this aswell.

61. Use a T-type connector to tap into the LIGHT BLUE/YELLOW wire that will illuminate the new switches when you turn on the lights. The RED/BLUE wire from the new pwr window switches will connect here.

62. Don’t forget to properly ground the BROWN wire.

63. Using an AD-A-CIRCUIT. Find your Accesory power in the fuse panel located behind the passengers side kick panel. Use a test light and find the power that turns on only when your switch is turned on.

64. It should be the empty slot under the 5amp fuse Four rows from the Right.

65. This is your wiring looking thru the Cars light switch Hole.

66. Switch panel fully finished.

67. This is the Drivers qtr. Run the wiring using tie straps and joing them so they Run under the Drivers side door sill.

68. Tie strap the wiring to the original harness on the drivers side of the car.

69. Use the extra wire you will have and connect the drivers side motor to the switch on the new panel.

70. You will need to cut a small section of the upper and lower plastic trim panels. TEMPLATES WILL BE PROVIDED TO GAUGE YOUR CUTOUT.

71. Mark the are prior to cutting.

72. Roughly 2 1/2” across

73. Roughly 1 ¾” deep.

74. 2 3/4” across

75. 2” Deep

76. Cut out the foam that will be directly in the way of the new motor if not taken out.

77. Use a long type blade to make cutting this section easier.


79. Install the lower trim panel and adjust the cut section to make sure it installs exactly like you pulled it out.

80. Put the seats back in and bolt them back down.

81. Use the Velcro provided to attach the new cover plate.

82. The inside finish should look like this in the end.

This should be what you get when your done.


Thank you

For purchasing

Our Popout kit.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and Submodels: Bullitt, V6, GT, GT500