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How to Install a Replacement Mirror on you 1994-1998 Mustang

Installation Time

20 minutes

Tools Required
  • 7/16 wrench
  • Large flat head screwdriver
  • Small 9hillips head screwdriver
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Installation Instructions:
1. Pry off the inside plate that the mirror is attached to using the screwdriver, it is held on with 1 clip.

2. Use a 7/16 wrench and remove the remains of the mirror. You will reuse the (3) nuts. Be carefull not to drop them down in the door.
3. Take the door cup off of the inside of the door. It is attached by a clip on the top; it comes off easy using the screwdriver.

4. Using the Phillips head screwdriver remove the 2 screws hold the inside of the door on.

5. Use the regular screwdriver and pop out the plastic body snap on the on the lower side, front of the door.

6. Lift up the door panel in order to unplug the power to the mirror

7. Push the new harness through the hole in the door
8. Mount the new mirror to the car using the (3) 7/16th’s bolts.
9. Plug in the harness.
10. Carefully snap the door panel back in, making sure that it is the same tight fit.
11. Screw the 2 phillips head screws back in and replace the plastic body screw.
12. Snap the door cup back in.
13. You are done with the installation!

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and Submodels: Cobra, V6, GT