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How to Install a PAPerformance Premium Power Wire Kit on your 1994-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 5/16th Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • 9/16 Socket
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1. Make sure the battery is disconnect from your Mustang. 5/16 wrench to remove battery terminals. See photo below.    

2. Remove the grey boot from the wire on alternator shown below with white arrow. Next use a 10mm socket to remove the nut.    

3. Install PAP power wire to alternator. Mine was painted blue to match my car theme. See white arrow.    

4. Remove the nut from the battery positive side of the solenoid. You will need a 9/16 socket. See photo for location. Fender well next to washer fluid reservoir. You will slide up the case (see arrow below). This will allow you to connect the other end of your PAP wire with fuse box). You will want to connect the shorter end to the fuse box.    

5. Connect and slide fuse box tab back down. Position the PAP fuse box tucked up next to battery box. Use zip ties to neatly strap down the PAP cable.    

6. Reconnect the battery terminals. Start the car to make sure there are no issues or problems.

Installation Instructions Written by AmericanMuscle Customer Jeff Pritt 11.15.2013