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Pypes 409 Stainless Steel Off-Road X-pipe ('96-'98 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Jack Stands
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Cutting Device
  • 22mm Wrench
American Muscle
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1. Begin by disconnecting your negative cable from your battery, as you will be disconnecting some electrical components. Place the vehicle on a lift or (4) jack stands at maximum height. This will aid in an easier installation. Note: Make sure to support your catback just past the connection point between the factory h-pipe.

2. Unbolt the factory h-pipe from your cat-back. Soaking your factory mounting points with penetrating oil will allow for easier removal. Next, disconnect your 02 sensors from the factory wiring harness and remove them from the h-pipe using a 22mmwrench. Remove the bolts at the manifold/header end. Be careful, as old or rusty parts tend to break easily. On the 96-04 GT, the passenger side header has a thin metal gasket which can be reused if not damaged. Any slight mark or bend in the metal will cause a leak at the header. A new gasket can be purchased from your local Ford Dealer.

3. Begin by installing the driver and passenger side down-pipes/front legs ( Street legal versions using cats will require 9-1/2” to be cut off the down-pipes legs, further instructions below), snug the bolts but do not tighten. Note: 96-04 GTowners, make sure to install the metal gasket on the solid flange and the sleeve (99-04 GT) in the driver side leg. A small amount of RTV silicone will help hold the gasket in place. Note: V6 owners, make sure both legs closest to the header connection have the small sleeves installed.

4. Next, install the x-pipe portion. Position the ball portion so that the long leg is on the driver side and the short leg is on the passenger side. Slide the (2) HVC21 band clamps on to the front legs of the x-pipe. Now, slide the x-pipe on to the driver and passenger down-pipes matching the ball ends to the cat-back. Re-install the factory cat-back hardware and snug tight. If hardware is necessary, you can purchase an HVC35 kit or 3/8-16 x 2-1/2” bolts, nuts and washers from a local hardware store.

5. Supporting or jacking up on the center of the x-pipe will aid in the system having the most possible ground clearance. Finish by tightening all the hardware and then the (2) clamps, making sure the x-pipe is adjusted properly. Last, install all the02 sensors and connect the wiring to the factory harness.

6. 96-04 owners should consider MIL Eliminators to insure proper computer and 02 sensor operation. 04 owners will require 24” 02 extenders.

7. After all the connections are tight, start the engine. Check and listen for any leaks. Make sure to check your connections periodically as they may come loose.

Installation instructions provided by Pypes Performance Exhausts

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