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How To Install A Raxiom Mustang Puddle Lamp Kit – Red - For Your 2013-2014 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Socket Set
  • Pair of Piers
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Knife (or Scissors)
  • Tape
  • Power drill
  • Drill bit (11/16th)

1. First you are going to need to remove the panels on either side of your mirrors. To do so just gently squeeze and pull as shown. They should come off with relative ease but if you are having issues you can use a flathead screwdriver with a cloth over it to help wedge it off. 

2. Once removed you will need to disconnect the power mirror connection. Simply squeeze the clips and pull to disconnect. The driver side has two connections that need to be disconnected.

3. Once disconnected you can now focus on the three bolts that will now need to be removed. 

4. Before you completely remove the bolts make sure you hold your mirror so that it doesn’t fall.

5. Once the side mirrors are removed next is to remove the mirrors themselves. Shown are the three tabs that the mirror is connected to. 

6. To do so first manually adjust the mirror all the way up and to the right exposing the bottom left tab. 

7. You will have to use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pop them out of place.

8. After you have popped the bottom two tabs, carefully move the mirror down exposing the top tab. Using the same flathead screwdriver pop the last tab off. 

9. Next cut out your stencils and you will notice that it fits perfectly in the spot shown here. 

10. Tape them down so they don’t move. (Painters or electrical tape works well for this)

11. Repeat this for both mirrors. The placement for both mirrors is shown here. 

12. Next drill an 11/16th hole where the stencil is and remove the paper and tape. 

13. Feed the light through the hole. 

14. Hand tighten the nut so that the light sits flush against the other side.

15. Next this panel has to be removed so that we can fish the wires through. 

16. Fish the wires like so and replace the panel.

17. Time to reattach the mirror. Feed the two puddle light wires through the large hole and hand tighten the top bolt so that your mirror doesn’t fall off while you are working on it. 

18. Your puddle lights need power. To do this you need to tap wires 5 and 7. Holding the connector so that the clip is facing down wire 5 is the first one on the left and wire 7 is the third one from the left. Tap both these wires as shown.

19. Tighten the rest of the bolts down with your socket wrench and pliers. 

20. Connect the RED wire to the PURPLE tapped wire, the BLACK wire to BLACK tapped wire and connect the power window connections back to the mirror.

21. Before you replace all the covers and the mirror test out your work! Press “unlock” on your key fob to see it on. Then press “lock” to watch them fade away. 

22. To reattach the mirror, simply align the tabs and press in the center of the mirror and you will hear the three tabs click together. 

23. You can now replace your mirror covers on the inside of your car. 

24. Now time to wait for dark and show off your RAXIOM Puddle Lights!! 

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle Customer Travis Miller 12.28.2014

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