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How to Install RedLine Tuning Hood QuickLIFT ELITE System for Shelby American Hoods (07-14 GT500) on your Ford Mustang

Tools Required
  • Socket wrench with 10mm socket
  • Rivet gun with 3/16” head
  • (4) #2 multi-grip rivets
  • Power drill with 3/16” drill bit (or #11 machine drill bit)

Step 1 - Unpack QuickLIFT system and verify contents.

Remove all items from the packing tube. You should have the following components before beginning:

* (2) Gas springs (RT-QL-200-7A) - Be sure to cycle them a few times before installing.
* (2) Hood mounting brackets
* (2) Fender mounting brackets
* (6) #2 multi-grip rivets

(Note to installer - This system is designed for all 2007 Super Snake hoods only. Otherwise, please use system for 2005 Mustangs that requires use of a hole in the hood’s frame - most aftermarket hoods do not have this.)

Step 2 - Gather the required tools.

Please gather the following tools before you begin the installation:

* Socket wrench with 10mm socket
* Rivet gun with 3/16” head
* (4) #2 multi-grip rivets
* Power drill with 3/16” drill bit (or #11 machine drill bit)

Step 3 - Mark centerline of hood bracket location.

A. Leave your hood closed.

B. Using a piece of masking tape and a marker, carefully measure from the hood's corner (near hinge and windshield) along the fender line. Wrap the end of the tape measure over the corner lip and place a mark on the hood masking tape at 27-1/2"

This mark will be used to align the centerline of the bracket's ball-stud in the next step.

Step 4 - Align bracket and mark lower hole for drilling.

A. Align the center of the bracket with the mark you just made on the hood. You will need to view the hood directly from the side. The bracket should sit on the side of the hood frame with the ball-stud pointing down - the base of the bracket should be tight against frame and up against hood skin.

B. Holding bracket in place, mark the center of the middle hole using a permanent felt tip marker. Be sure the bracket is straight and sitting flat against the side frame.

C. Set bracket aside. Using a center punch and a hammer, tap the center of the mark you just made (this indention will help guide the drill bit and keep it from wandering).

Step 5 - Drill #11 indexed bit hole, or 3/16" hole.

A. Carefully drill the hole as shown to the right using a (#11 indexed bit) or (use 3/16" bit if #11 bit is not available).

If you do not have a #11 indexed bit, you can use the 3/16" bit, however you may have to test fit the rivet and slightly ream hole until rivet fits tightly through bracket and hole - 3/16" is slighty smaller than the #11 bit.

Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the drill bit about 1/4" from the tip to prevent the bit from denting the hood skin. Use new and sharp bits!

Step 6 - Rivet end of bracket to hood.

A. Hold the bracket in position.

B. With the bracket lined up again, place the rivet through the bracket and hole with the long stem sticking outward - shown to the right. The rivet may require a few twists while pushing it in. Figure 4B

C. Check to be sure your rivet gun has the 3/16" rivet head installed, then slide rivet gun onto rivet. While applying downward force on rivet and bracket, firmly squeeze riveter handle multiple times until rivet gun pops and snaps off the rivet stem.

Step 7 - Drill and rivet upper & lower holes

A. Reposition or rotate bracket into the proper position against hood lip. Carefully drill the second & third holes through bracket hole and hood.

Wrap end of drill bit 1/4" down from tip with electrical tape to keep drill bit from pulling through and hitting hood skin.

Step 8 - Install fender brackets.

A. Remove fender bolt using 10mm socket wrench.

B. The fender bracket is designed to fit tightly against the fender lip. Install the fender brackets as shown on both driver and passenger sides of vehicle.

Step 9 - Attach gas springs.

A. Firmly snap on large end of gas spring to the hood ball-stud. Be sure that the socket is fully engaged.

B. Then snap on extended end of gas spring to the fender ball-stud. You may have to twist the socket to align to ball-stud before snapping on.

NOTE: If your Mustang has the sound tube device mounted under the bracket - remove bolt, slide device back and under lip in order to use the rear hole located a couple of inches behind the original.

To remove gas springs:

Slide a small flat blade screw driver under the metal c-clip on the back of the end-fitting. Slowly twist and pull the gas spring from the ball-stud while doing so. Gas spring will pop off of ball-stud. Press c-clip back into position and the gas spring is ready to reinstall.

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