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How to Install a Brake Caliper - Rear on a 2005-2015 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • -Socket wrench/ratchet
  • -13mm socket
  • -15mm socket
  • Pliers
  • High Temp silicone brake system grease
  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • -Brake Fluid (DOT 3)
  • Brake bleeding kit
  • -Lug nut wrench and socket
American Muscle
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1) Loosen lug nuts on rear wheel.

2) Lift vehicle with jack and place jack stands appropriately.

3) Remove lug nuts and wheel. You should see the same view as the picture below with the new brake caliper on left as comparison

4) Use a 13mm socket and wrench to remove the (2) bolts holding the brake caliper bracket. One bolt is on top and other bolt is on the bottom

5) Use pliers to pull down on caliper spring and remove wire

6) Use 15mm socket to remove (2) bolts holding caliper in place. One bolt on top and one on bottom

7) Remove caliper and pull away metal clip by hand or with pliers holding brake wire

8) Use 13mm socket to remove bolt holding brake line to caliper (have a bucket/pan ready as both the brake line and caliper will leak out brake fluid. 

9) Pull brake caliper bracket from caliper and remove the pads set aside.

10) Remove both old pistons from brake caliper bracket.

11) Attach new rubber seals to new bracket pistons and grease with brake system grease and insert into old caliper bracket.

12) Insert new clips and old brake pads into caliper bracket and place bracket on rotor in original position and tighten both 15mm bolts (top and bottom).

13) Place new caliper over bracket and tighten both new 13mm bolts (top and bottom) and reconnect brake wire using pliers to pull caliper spring away and insert old wire clip back into place. 

14) Using 13mm socket reconnect old brake line to caliper (pictured is a new brake line I Installed). 

IMPORTANT FINAL NOTES: -You will need to bleed your brakes before putting the wheel back on as to get rid of the air that may now be in your brake system as well as to fill the new caliper with fluid. -Using DOT 3 brake fluid bleed brakes in the following order: RR,RL,FR,FL. -Afterwards remount wheel and tighten lug nuts and lower car from jacks.

Final Product

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Jeff Drapkin 5.09.2016

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