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How to install a Roll Cage Swing Out Side Bar Kit on your Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

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Please read complete instructions thoroughly before beginning!

Installation Instructions for Swing Out Side Bar Kit 13-357

This swing out side bar kit is intended to be installed after roll bar or roll cage installation is complete (including all welding)

1. Determine the length of your side bar and the location of the hinge plates. See tech note #1. Cut the existing side bar on your roll bar or cage to length. See tech note #2. The length will vary depending on driver size and bar or cage construction.

2. Notch the inside front, the outside front, and the inside back of the side bar for clearance, as shown in diagram.

3. Tack weld the hinge plates to the remaining side bar stubs on your roll bar or cage, with half the plate on the remaining stub and the half with the pin holes where the removable part of the side bar will go. See tech note #1. Install the 1/2" bolt and nut and the quick pin in the plates before tack welding to insure correct alignment. Due to the stamping & bending process used to make the hinge plates, it may be necessary to run a 1/2" drill or reamer through the holes prior to this step.

4. Place the cut out part of the side bar inside the hinge plates, make for the hinge pin tubes. See diagram for placement.

5. Remove the side bar, center punch where you marked for the hinge pin tubes, and drill holes to install the hinge pin tubes.

Start with a smaller drill bit and finish with a 3/4" drill bit.

6. With the hinge pin tubes in place, position the side bar and install the 1/2" bolt and nut in the front hole, and the 1/2" quick pin to the removable part of the side bar.

7. Remove quick pin and swing bar out to check clearance.

8. If all clearances are acceptable, remove side bar and finish welding plates and tubes.

9. Install side bar for final time and install bolt, nut and quick pin.


1. There are two pairs of hinge plates as shown in diagram. The top back and bottom front plates are the same and the top front and bottom back are the same.

2. Make sure, when your installation of this kit is complete, that when you swing out your side bar that is does not come in contact with or damage your body panels or windows.