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How to Install a Russell Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit - Front & Rear on your 1994-1995 Mus

Installation Time

3 hours

American Muscle
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not allow the master cylinder to completely drain of brake fluid at any time during this process. Doing so may require removing the master cylinder from the vehicle for bench bleeding. Also, take extra care to avoid getting brake fluid wherever possible, as brake fluid will damage painted surfaces.

  1. Remove and replace the front hoses with the new Russell lines labeled accordingly, using the new crush washers supplied. Duplicate factory routing.
  2. Remove the rear center brake hose located above the rear differential, and unbolt the bracket from the housing. Remove the brake hose tee from the bracket by sanding down the brass on the under side of the bracket until it is flush. Using a pry tool or hammer and punch, knock the brass tee out of the slotted hole in the bracket. Slightly open the end of the slot with a file or drill bit enough to fit the Vt" mounting bolt for the new line. Re-install the Russell brake line using new crush washers supplied.
  3. Disconnect the outer factory brake hose at both ends, and replace it with the new Russell line marked "Right Rear" or "Left Rear", using the new mounting brackets and crush washers supplied. Duplicate factory hose routing.
  4. Once installed, be sure to check hose clearance throughout the full range of steering motion.
  5. Double check that all fitings are tight and proceed to bleed the brake system.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 1994, 1995 and Submodels: Cobra