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How to install SHR Satin Billet Interior Door Handles on your Mustang

Installation Time

45 minutes

Tools Required
  • T30 Torx bit / driver
  • 6mm socket and ratchet / driver
  • Pick / hook tool
  • Safety glasses
  • Standard / Needle nose Pliers
  • Flat Screwdriver (small and large)
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1. Roll down both windows.

2. Remove negative terminal from battery.

3. Carefully pry the plastic cover away behind the stock handle and remove the T30 Torx head screw.

4. The cover in the door pull / armrest area needs to be pried away, and the T30 Torx screw behind it removed.

5. Remove the window switch plate assy. by prying up the top cover and gently pulling out the entire switch assy. almost horizontally. Remove the plugs from the switches and remove the assy.

6. Remove the door lock bezel by slightly lift it up – a small screwdriver may be needed.

7. Using a 6mm socket, remove the (9) nine screws on the periphery of the door and the one hidden in the window switch area. See figure below for screw locations.

8. Pop off the plastic cover next to side mirror. Unplug wiring as needed.

9. Lift up on the interior panel, removing it from the door. Remove any remaining electrical connections.

10. Disconnect the door handle cable by rotating the plastic clip in the direction that allows you to pull the cable out.

11. Remove the cable and the spring inside the stock handle. Remember the orientation of the spring, which will be re-used with the new handle.

12. Remove the stock door handle from the cup by opening it to the full open position and prying up and down to pop it off the plastic studs in the handle cup.

13. Snap the new handle into place by wiggling it into the door cup assembly. Re-install the spring that was removed from the original handle, making sure that it is all the way in the pocket with the bottom leg against the recess in the door panel to put tension on the handle to return it to the closed position when not in use. It is critical that the handle retract properly, otherwise the door could inadvertently open while the vehicle is in motion! Lubricate spring with a quality grease.

14. Reinstall the door panel back onto the door, making sure to reconnect all connections as needed and that tabs that hold door at bottom are inserted properly. The reassembly is the reverse of steps 10-3. When both sides are complete, re-connect the battery and enjoy!