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How to Install a SPEC Billet Steel Flywheel - 6 Bolt on your 1986-1995 Mustang GT

Installation Time

4 hours

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When trouble-shooting the clutch system always check:

1) Motor mounts

2) Transmission mounts

3) Check for oil leaks

a. Engine Rear Main Seal
b. Transmission Front Bearing retainer

4) All clutch linkage

When installing the new clutch, Do the following:

1) Resurface Flywheel

2) Replace release bearing

3) Replace pilot bearing or bushing

4) Make sure clutch disc is installed properly -Clutch disc is marked "Flywheel Side"

5) Break-in clutch

Clutch Chatter

• Resurface Flywheel

• Worn pilot bearing/bushing

• Burrs on Pilot Shaft

• Bent clutch disc

• Improper pedal adjustment

• Misalignment of clutch and transmission

• Bell housing misalignment

• Clutch not broken in

Clutch Slips

• Grease on dutch facing

• Too little pedal free travel

• Bent clutch linkage

• Transmission out of alignment

• Glazed clutch facing

Clutch Drags - No Release

• Air in hydraulic system

• Defective release bearing '

• Bent clutch disc

• Defective master cylinder

• Worn pilot shaft