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Spectre Cold Air Intakes

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Spectre Cold Air Intakes

Power up your ride using Spectre cold air intakes and help your engine output more torque and power too. Cold air intakes make useful additions to most cars because they direct cooler and more compressed air into the cylinders to be used to generate more power. During combustion, air and fuel vapor is burnt up. Adding more oxygen to the cylinder increases the power that’s produced from combustion, and that’s what a cold air intake does. If you’re interested in making your car faster for a reasonable investment, a cold air intake is a powerful add-on that will take your vehicle to the next level. These intakes must be chosen with care in order to get the full benefits from your purchase, though.

Choosing the Right Spectre Cold Air Intake

Each of the Spectre cold air intakes are upgrades compared to the stock intake that comes on your vehicle. They are engineered to direct more air to your engine and designed to keep the air cooler as it makes it to your engine compartment. In order to do this, the intakes use wider pipes, air filters that allow air to flow more freely, and carefully designed features such as mandrel-bent corners to let air move faster. These upgrades make the intakes better than stock products, but you still have to choose just one to put on your car. That’s why you need to get a matching intake that also has the features you care about most. Invest in the right cold air intake and you’ll:

  • increase the air going to your engine
  • pack in more oxygen into the air your engine receives
  • filter the air to your engine more capably
  • style your engine bay to make it stand out
  • prepare your engine for supercharger or turbocharger enhancements

When choosing one of the intakes, look at the filter that’s used, the intake color, and the pipe diameter and pathway that’s used to get air to your vehicle. Once you have a compatible intake, you need to look for the product that’s going to give you the greatest performance boost overall. Try and choose the intake that fits in your budget that will help you get the greatest performance gains for your ride. The intake that creates a clear pathway is a good start, but you should also look for insulated pipes that help the air keep cooler during the transport process. The intake that is designed with insulation and protective coverings will help get colder air to your engine and improve performance more than the other products can.

Additional Parts Besides a Spectre Cold Air Intake

While a Spectre cold air intake is a powerful enhancement for any stock car that you want to drive faster, there are other add-ons you should consider for your vehicle as well. Adding something like a new exhaust system or part of an exhaust, such as new headers, will increase the power of your vehicle even more. Consider investing in something complex like a supercharger or something as simple as a tuner chip to make your ride more capable. There are many different upgrades available for your car from American Muscle, and these enhancements range from low-cost enhancements to more complex and costly improvements. Deciding just how much of a performance increase you want is the first step to choosing these upgrades, but you should also think about the budget you are working with to help you make your choice effectively. This is how you’ll get parts that give you the performance gains that you really want without having to spend too much time or money to get the desired improvements.