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How to Install SR Performance Alternator - 130 Amp on your Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • 8mm deep socket
  • 10mm deep socket
  • 13mm deep socket
  • 1/2" Breaker bar
American Muscle
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Remove battery terminal and engine cover

1. Disconnect the positive battery terminal

2. Remove engine cover (if  applicable) 

Loosen air intake hose

1. Loosen the air intake hose  from the throttle body by  unscrewing it’s mounting  brace. 

Disconnect everything from the throttle body

• Unhook PCB hose
• Disconnect Throttle position sensor
• Disconnect Throttle actuator
• Remove air intake hose by pulling it

• Note: They all have clips to pull out
or push in. Mind them!

Remove throttle body

• Loosen 2x 8mm bolts on top of  throttle body 

• Loosen 2x 10mm bolts on  bottom of throttle body 

• Remove throttle body and set it  aside. 

• Note: Now would be a great time to  clean your throttle-body. 

Optional: Remove the air intake hose

• You can loosen the other side of  the air intake hose and remove it  completely. Otherwise just work  around it. 

Remove Serpentine belt from alternator

• Note: You do not have to remove the  belt completely. Just off the alternator  pulley. 

• Note2: Examine the belt for wear and  cracks. You may need to replace it. 

• Attach half inch breaker bar.

• Push down to release tension

• Remove belt from alternator

Unmount the old alternator

• Remove 2x 10mm bolts  mounting the alternator on top 

• Remove 2x 13mm bolts  mounting the alternator in front      

Remove the cables from the old alternator

• Unclip the engine cable

• Remove 10mm nut fastening  battery cable      

Move the mounting bracket from old
alternator to new

• Remove 8mm bolts from  alternator bracket      

• Install bracket on new alternator

At this point we’re going to do  everything we did to remove the old  alternator in reverse (to install the  new one). 

Install your new SR Performance Alternator

• Replace the alternator cable

• Replace the 10mm nut fastening  the battery cable      

Remount alternator

• Replace 2x 13mm bolts  mounting the alternator in front      

• Replace 2x 10mm bolts  mounting the alternator on top      

Replace serpentine belt

• Push down on breaker bar

• Put the belt back on the  alternator pulley 

• Release the breaker bar

• Make sure belt is aligned  properly 

• Note: If you accidently removed  the belt completely, the diagram  is on the left. 

Remount throttle body

• Replace 2x 10mm bolts on  bottom of throttle body 

• Replace 2x 8mm bolts on top of  throttle body 

• Note: Torque them in a cross  pattern. 

Reconnect air intake hose

• Put the air intake hose back on  the throttle body (and air intake  if you removed it). Tighten  screws. ​

Put it all back together!

• Reconnect PCB hose

• Reconnect Throttle position  sensor 

• Reconnect Throttle actuator

• Re-install engine cover

• Re-attach positive battery  terminal 

Fire her up!

• At this point, you should have only one extra 10mm nut. (The SR  Alternator comes with one). If you have more, you’ve missed  something. 

• Your battery might be dead from not being driven. Make sure you  have a jump or a charged battery. 

• If your engine is squeaking now, you’ve more than likely misaligned  your serpentine belt. 

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