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Mustang Stainless Steel Bumper Insert Letters Installation Guide

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • General Cleaning Materials
  • Paper Towels
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Terry Cloth


1. Thoroughly clean your fingers of all dirt and oil as these can affect the adhesive and prevent proper adhesion.

2. Thoroughly clean the rear bumper surface to prevent imperfections from causing peeling.

3. Line up each SS letter with the adhesive letter.

4. For each letter, one at a time, take the adhesive backing off of the side you intend to apply to the SS letter, line up the adhesive with the SS letter, and begin applying the adhesive at the bottom left corner. Gently slide your fingers across the entire surface of the adhesive to make sure there are no bubbles or places where the adhesive is not properly applied to the SS letter. Set each letter, as you finish with them, on a layer of paper towels by the bumper. By the time you are finished with this step, you should have all of the letters prepared, with adhesive applied to them and the backing still attached to the adhesive, lined up behind the bumper on a layer of paper towels.

5. Double check the surface of the bumper. Make sure that it is free from dust, dirt, scratches and all other imperfections. Now clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to be certain that no oil or soap is left behind. Wipe the entire bumper with a terrycloth and blow off any remaining lint or dust. This point cannot be over emphasized. Without an extremely clean surface, your SS letters are not going to adhere for very long.

6. Start from the left side (driver side) of the bumper. Take the first letter and remove the backing from the adhesive. Line up the letter with the indentation in the bumper. Look closely to make sure it is aligned and, if possible, have a second person look from a few feet away to make sure the alignment is correct. Once you are certain that you have it straight, begin to lightly press the letter into place. Press softly at first and then, once you are sure that it has taken hold, press more firmly. Smoothly press over the entire letter with even pressure to make sure it adheres properly. Repeat this process for each letter.

(We offer no warranty on improper installation or handling as all letters and adhesive are checked before shipping.)
WARNING!- It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT use an automated car wash after installing these letters. Letters can be torn off under certain conditions.