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How To Install a Steeda Big Bore Cold Air Intake on your 2013-2014 Mustang GT500

Installation Time

1 hours


2013 Mustang GT500 

Instructions for part #555-3173 

 ***NOTE*** This kit is only to be used on cars that have been tuned. Using this kit without a tune can cause serious damage to your engine. Steeda will not be held liable for use without a Steeda tune. 

Removal of the Factory Air Intake 

1. Loosening the hose clamp securing the intake tube to the throttle body. Disconnect the PCV hose coming from the valve cover. Carefully remove the small vacuum hose near the throttle body and dipstick. These hoses are indicated in figure 1. 


2. Release the locking tab and disconnect the electrical connector for the mass air flow sensor. Unclip the harness from the mass air flow pipe. Unbolt the airbox from the fender as seen in figure 1. There is a 10mm head screw to remove on the inside of the airbox. 

3. Gently pull up on the airbox and dislodge the rubber grommets from their locating holes in the fender. Gently pull the intake tube off of the throttle body. Lift out the entire assembly in one piece. Do not remove the cold air feed duct shown in figure 2. 


4. Remove the rubber grommets from the studs on the bottom of the airbox. Insert the 

grommets into the holes where they were originally located in the inner fender as shown in figure 3. 


Assembly of the Steeda Cold Air Intake 

5. Install the rubber trim around the outside edge of the shield as shown in figure 5. If the trim will not stay in position make a small slit in the trim near the corners (do not cut the bulbed part of the trim) to relieve some of the stress in the transitions. If that will not work then a small amount of contact cement (or similar) may be used to secure the trim to the shield. 

6. Slide the velocity stack through the shield as shown in figure 4. The silicone hose will hold it in place.(step 11) 



7. Attach the supplied cone air filter over the velocity stack by sliding it over the outer flange and securing it with the attached hose clamp. 

8. Remove the PCV hose adaptor from the factory intake tube. To do so, cut the steel band from the boss on the side of the factory intake tube securing the adaptor. Carefully pull the adaptor out of the factory intake tube. See figure 6. 


9. Assemble and install the PCV adaptor onto the Steeda intake tube. Install the short piece of rubber hose over the larger of the two bosses on the side of the Steeda intake tube. Slide two of the similarly sized hose clamps over the hose. Insert the PCV hose adaptor, you just removed from the factory intake tube, into the rubber hose on the Steeda intake tube. Ensure it is installed in a similar fashion as it was installed in the factory tube. Tighten the two hose clamps. See figure 7. 


10. Remove the mass air flow sensor from the factory intake tube by removing the two T20 Torx screws securing it. Carefully transfer the sensor into the mass air flow sensor mount in the same orientation as it was in the factory intake tube. Use the two #8 x 5/16” button head Allen screws to secure it to the sensor block. On some kits there are 2 studs already installed into the mass air mount. Use the supplied #8 nuts to hold the sensor in place. 

11. Slide the smaller (in diameter) of the silicone sleeves over the round end of the intake tube. Push it up the tube until it contacts the side of the mass air flow sensor mount. Slide two of the hose clamps over the sleeve. Do not tighten the hose clamps. Install the other silicone sleeve and hose clamps over the throttle body on the car. Make sure half of the sleeve is over the throttle body and the other half can be used for the intake tube. Do not tighten the hose clamps. 

Installation of the Steeda Cold Air Induction Kit 

12. Fit the shield assembly into the car in the same location and orientation as the factory airbox as seen in figure 8. Do not set the dowel pins into the grommets you placed in the fender, yet. Just place the shield assembly in the general location for now. 

13. Fit the new intake tube in place by first getting the throttle body end into the sleeve over the throttle body. Do not tighten the hose clamps. Maneuver the intake tube and shield into position. Be sure to have half of the sleeve over the intake tube and the other half over the velocity stack. Once in place, check that the dowel pins and grommets fit properly over the 

holes in the inner fender. Tighten down all four hose clamps. NOTE: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE HOSE CLAMPS. IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH FORCE TO KEEP 

THESE CONNECTIONS SECURE. NOTE: Make sure that the factory cold air feed duct, coming from the grille, fits properly over the mounting flange on the side of the Steeda heat shield. If it will not fit flush with the shield loosen the hose clamp for the duct and then rotate the duct until it fits flush with the shield then retighten the hose clamp. See figure 8. 


14. Plug the PCV hose into the adaptor installed onto the side of the intake tube. Be sure that the PCV hose on the car clips onto the adaptor. Also plug in the small vacuum hose over the hose barb on the other side of the Steeda intake tube. 

15. Reconnect the mass air flow sensor connector. Be sure to push in the red locking tab. 

16. You are done with the installation! The finished assembly should look similar to figure 9. 


17. You now MUST tune the engine computer to be able to operate the car with the Steeda Cold Air Induction kit installed. If you do NOT have the engine tuned after installing the Cold Air Induction kit the air:fuel ratio could become dangerously lean and could catastrophically damage the engine!! Steeda will not be held responsible for damage caused by this Cold Air Intake when used without the proper Steeda tune

If any question or concerns please email, or call us at 954-960-0774. Thank you for choosing Steeda!! We truly appreciate your business, and your commitment to U.S. manufactured products. 

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