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How to Install a Steeda Cold Air Intake on your 2007-2009 Mustang GT500

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Slotted screw driver 7/64 Hex Key 5/32 Hex Key Tin snips (or scissors to cut metal within the weather stripping) Super glue 20T Torx wrench
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Prior to installation

1. Disconnect the mass air meter wiring harness by depressing the tab and pulling away the plug from the meter. Also, remove the vacuum hose from the right side of the air tube.         

2. Remove the bolt that holds the air filter assembly to the inner fender.         

3. Loosen the hose clamp that attaches the factory flexible intake tube to the meter. Loosen the hose clamp at the engine intake.         

4. Remove the mass air sensor from the factory air filter box cover, using a 20T Torx wrench, and set it to the side to be reused in the new Steeda meter.         

Installation of the new Steeda Cold Air Intake (CAI) assembly

1. Fit the weather stripping (part # 4) to the outside rim of the stainless steel heat shield (part # 1), and cut off any excess stripping. Be careful and measure it twice to be sure!! Once you have cut the weather stripping to the appropriate length, use super glue and glue the weather stripping to the air deflector. For best results, glue until a bend and then let it completely dry prior to moving past it. It took me several steps until I made it completely around the deflector. Note: Any excess glue that is on the stainless steel can be removed using nail polish remover with acetone.         

2. Attach the cone connector (part # 5) to the heat shield (part # 1), using the machine screws (part # 10) and the washers (part # 12), as seen in the picture.         

3. From the inside of the main air tube (part # 3), and using 2 of the small machine screws (part # 11), connect the Steeda air sensor plate (part # 6) to the outside of the main air tube.         

4. Place the larger Band (part # 8a) on the oval opening of the main air tube, and place the larger clamp (6 size 88, part # 9) around it, and tighten until snug. Ensure that the band is hanging over the end of the tube halfway, since it will need to be used later. Place the smaller Band (part # 8b) on the round opening of the main air tube, and place the smaller clamp (5 1/2 size 80, part # 9) around it, and tighten until snug. Once again, ensure that the band is hanging over the end of the tube halfway. Refer to pictures.   

5. Slide the tube over the port and use a clamp to fasten it in place, only tightening until snug. Refer to picture.         

6. Using the larger clamp (6 size 88, part # 9), attach the band to main inlet manifold and tighten the clamp until snug. Connect the tube using a hose clamp (part # 13). Refer to picture.         

7. Carefully attach the Cone Air Filter (Part # 2) to the cone connector portion that is inside the heat shield, positioning the clamp screw below the filter (personal preference), then tighten until snug. Refer to picture.          

8. Put the assembled heat shield in place and connect the other end of the cone connector inside the band, using the clamp (5 1/2 size 80), tightening until snug

Installation Instructions Written by AmericanMuscle Customer Dave Fletes 10/20/2013

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2007, 2008, 2009 and Submodels: GT500