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How to Install Steeda IRS Subframe Braces - Fastback on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 13mm socket and ratchet
  • 15mm socket
  • 21mm socket
  • 10mm Allen wrench
  • 18mm wrench

1.Lift and support the car, by the chassis on a vehicle lift, or on jack stands. Do not place the jack stands underneath the rear sub frame.
2.Once the car is supported, place a jack underneath the front of the sub frame, to support it independently from the car.
3.Locate the bolts, that are installed in the frame rail along each side. Remove the rear bolt. It will be replaced later.
4.Insert the threaded plate into the rear sub frame, into the back side of the bracket that toe link attaches to. Center the threaded hole over the hole in the sub frame.

5.Place the sub frame brace into place. The braces can only be installed one way.
6.Start both front bolts loosely. The rear bolt, that was removed in step 3, will be installed in the front of the new sub frame brace mounting bracket. Place the provided 10mm x 35mm long flange head bolt into the rear hole of the new sub frame brace. See figure 3.
7.Loosely start the 10mm x 50mm long hex head bolt into the front sub frame support bracket. This bolt will be threaded into an existing hole in the support bracket. See figure 4.
8.Insert one of the provided 12mm bolts and washers through the rear bracket of the sub frame brace into the threaded plate, that was inserted into the sub frame in step 4. See figure 4.

9.Place the other 12mm bolt and washer, through the rear bracket of the sub frame brace, through the sub frame, and secure with the provided nut. See figure 4. Note: If at this point, everything is not lining up correctly, the 2-13mm hex head bolts on the front sub frame support brackets, and the main sub frame bolt may need to be loosened up, so that the sub frame support bracket can be repositioned slightly.
10.Once all of the bolts are loosely started, torque the 3-10mm hex head bolts to 45ft-lbs. Torque the 12mm allen head bolts in the rear, to 55ft-lbs.
11.If any of the front sub frame bolts were loosened, torque the main sub frame bolts to 129ft-lbs. Torque the 13mm hex head bolts (in the sub frame support bracket) to 41ft-lbs.
12.Verify all hardware has been tightened, and lower the car. Enjoy!

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