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Steeda Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar ('05-'11 Coupe) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
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1. To facilitate the installation of the Steeda Sport Rear Swaybar, it is necessary to raise the entire vehicle to access the rear suspension. If a car lift is not available mount the car on jack stands.

2. Remove the two (2) bolts that attach the end links to the frame rail. Pull the factory end links from the mount.

3. Remove the bolts that mount the factory bushing clamps and swaybar to the axle assembly. The factory bushing clamps will not be re-used? It may be helpful to have a second set of hands to hold the bar while removing these last four (4) bolts. Remove the factory swaybar.

4. Remove the bushings and chassis links from the OE bar. Silicone lubricant may be used to ease the removal of the links. Be sure to take note of the chassis link positions before removal.

5. Install the links onto the new Steeda bar in the same location as they were installed on the OE bar. Grease the surface of the swaybar that comes into contact with the chassis link.

6. Slide the two Factory end links over the tips of the swaybar and locate them in the same location as on the old bar, approximately 37%" apart. Make sure to grease them with the provided grease.

7. Place the last two included bushings in the original location, on the ends of the swaybar.

8. Grease the upper bushing of the swaybar chassis link and install it into the chassis bracket. Torque bolt to 85 ft-lbs.

9. Using the included clamps to bolt up the two ends of the bar to the axle housing, torque to 52 Ib-ft.

10. Once complete, double check all fasteners and bolts. Thread locker is recommended to prevent loosening up of all fasteners.

Installation instructions provided by Steeda