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How to Install a Strut Tower Brace for a 1996-1998 Mustang GT

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required


1. Lay the strut Tower Brace on the strut towers and against firewall. Disconnect the plastic retention clips and push aside any wiring, cables or hoses which interfere with the strut tower brace. Center the rear bracket around the bulge in the plastic panel on the firewall. Adjust the brace so the slot in the rear bracket is23 inchesfrom the passenger side fender as astarting point.

2. With the brace resting in place, shut the hood slowly and carefully to check for interference.The strut tower brace may contact the hood if not aligned correctly.Adjust the brace as necessary.

3. Push down-and-back to firmly seat the brace against the firewall. Trace the outline of the brace on the plastic firewall panel.

4. Remove the windshield wipers and rubber molding at the top of firewall. Remove the plastic push pin screws on the cowl panel (underneath the rubber molding). Remove the cowl panel by reaching your fingers underneath the panel, between the windshield and the grill, and pull upwards. Take care in removing the cowl panel as they harden with age and will break. Disconnect the cowl panel from the windshield washer hose and remove it from the car.

5. Remove the brace and cut out the plastic firewall panel with the utility panel with a utility knife along the lines you traced. (Cut the vertical lines and score the top line. Snap the cutout upwards and it will break off where you scored it.)

6. Place the Brace back on the car. Use the Brace as a template to mark 8 holes to drill.

Note:Due to slight production variations in the cars and the Strut Tower Brace, the brackets may not contact the firewall or strut towers perfectly. Small gaps will bend to fit when the bolts are tightened, and should not be considered a problem.

7. Remove the Brace and drill 8 holes with a 3/8 drill bit.

Cobra Only:

If you don't have an angle drill, it may be easier to remove the EGR Transducer Bracket on the top drivers-side of the intake manifold to gain more clearance for the drill.

1996-1998 Mustang GT only:

Remove the ignition wires from the two black plastic clips which hold the wires over the alternator. Disconnect the wire clips from the steel bracket on the engine and flip them over so the wires hang underneath the steel bracket, and reinstall the wires. This will give more room for the front of the strut tower brace.

8. Bolt the Brace to the car with the hardware provided.

9. Reinstall the cowl panel. Push down to snap the retaining clips back into place. Reinstall the plastic push pins and rubber molding at the top of the firewall and the windshield wipers.

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