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Steeda Three Point Strut Tower Brace ('03-'04 Cobra) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
American Muscle
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1. Move the plastic box (inner cooler pump relay) in front of the strut tower on the right fender so you have more room to work. This is done by depressing the latch on top and lifting the box off retaining bracket.

2. 3) Remove the windshield wipers and rubber molding at the top of firewall. Remove the plastic pushpin screws on the cowl panel (underneath the rubber molding). Remove the cowl panel by reaching your fingers underneath the panel, between the windshield and the grill, and pull upwards. Take care when removing this panel as they can become brittle with exposure to the sun and age. Be careful not to scratch the fenders when removing this panel. Disconnect the cowl panel from the windshield washer hose and remove it from the car.

3. Remove the screws that attach the plastic firewall panel to the firewall. Remove the panel.

4. Cut out the plastic firewall panel with a utility knife along the lines you traced. (Cut the vertical lines and score the top line. Snap the cutout upwards and it will break off where you scored it.) A clean look can be achieved by using sandpaper or files to deburr the edges prior to re-installation of this panel.

5. Remove the bolt that attaches the shifter arm to the transmission.

6. Re-fit the 3 pt. Brace to the car and align with the holes you previously marked on the strut towers. Mark the firewall for the holes to be drilled. Remove the 3 pt. Brace

7. Center punch the holes on strut towers and firewall where you marked them with the marker.Try to punch the holes in the center of the slots, so that you will be able to move the brace left or right as needed later on.

8. Next you have two choices:
A) Drill 3/8" holes and through-bolt the brace to the strut tower by installing the provided nuts on the underside of the tower. To install the brace this way you will need to jack the car up slightly so that you can reach into the wheel wells to install the nuts underneath the strut tower. Drill the holes in the firewall and position the 4-stud doubler behind the firewall (inside the cowl opening) with the studs protruding through the firewall into the engine bay.

B) Drill smaller holes and thread the strut tower with an 8mm-1.25 tap so you can install the bolts from the top without jacking up the car to get to the underside of the tower to install the nuts. Drill the holes in the firewall and position the 4-studdoubler behind the firewall (inside the cowl opening) with the studs protruding through the firewall into the engine bay.

9. Reinstall the brace, install the bolts and snug the bolts down. Carefully shut the hood to check clearance. Open the hood and adjust the position of the brace if necessary. Once the proper fit has been achieve, torque the bolts to 18 Ib-ft of torque.

10. Reinstall the firewall panel, cowl panel, wiper blades and the plastic box on the right fender.

11. Enjoy the new feel of your car.

Installation instructions provided by Steeda

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2003, 2004 and Submodels: Cobra

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