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How to install an Aluminum Relocation Battery Box on your Mustang

Installation Time

3 hours

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a. Determine location where battery(-ies) are to be mounted. Mark mounting holes for battery tray(s) with center punch.

b. Check that all gas lines, brake lines, and other critical components are clear before drilling.

c. Drill 5/16 inch diameter holes. Secure Battery Tray to trunk floor with a minimum of (4) 5/16” bolts. (not provided)

CAUTION: Do not mount battery over gas tank or spare tire. Do not perform operations on battery cables while they are attached to the battery.


a. Place battery on Battery Tray and place “H” Frame Hold Down over battery.

b. Install 3/8 inch Threaded J-bolts, Washers and secure with Wing Nuts.


a. Plan route of Battery Cables, avoiding objects that would damage cable.

b. Look for areas that offer structural protection and allow for anchor points.

c. Lay out cable and measure length.

d. Cut cables at length desired, allowing for bends and stripping of cable end for Eyelet Terminal.

4. For applications where the battery or starter cable passes through a firewall or floor, drill an 11/16” hole and install a Rubber Grommet. Note: Route cable through the Grommet before installing the Eyelet Terminal. Tip: to easily pass cable through Grommet, use liquid dish soap as a lubricant.


a. After final routing is determined, anchor the cable in place with the Nylon Cable Supports.

b. To install Eyelet Terminal on cable, strip cable insulation 5/8 inch.

c. Attach copper lug by crimping or soldering. For a professional look, use Red Shrink Tube to cover the Terminal/Cable joint.

6. Ground Cable should be hooked up last, and bolted to a clean, paint free area of the floor, frame, or roll bar.