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Top 5 Mods for your 2011-2014 Mustang

By:  Brian Matthias  / Jun 18 2019
Top 5 Mods for your 2011-2014 Mustang

Within this article, we compiled a list of the best and most popular mods that are available for your 2011-2014 Mustang. From styling to suspension and performance, we have great offerings that will keep any Mustang owner happy!

Shop CAI/Tuner Kits

CAI or Cold Air Intakes should be one of the first performance upgrades for a Mustang. Increase power and get a nasty and sick intake sound along with a custom tune for maximum effect!

Shop CAI/Tuner Kits

Want to change overall appearance? Go Headlights!

The front of your Mustang is what really catches most people’s eye. Raxiom offers smoked and chrome projector headlights for your 2011-2014 Mustang. Smoked lights give the car a stealthier appearance, while the chrome lights grab more attention. With housings available for both halogen and factory HIDs, there’s an option sure to be compatible with your Mustang. Raxiom headlights come with an eye catching CCFL halo as well as an LED strip, giving the lights an exotic look. Projector lenses light up the road ahead with a bright focused beam of light that improves your night visibility. The looks of these lights combined with the function of the projector are two main reasons Raxiom headlights for a 2011-2014 Mustang are a top mod. When upgrading to these lights, you can be sure that everyone will notice.

Project MMD Headlights

Are you searching for a classic look?

One of the most popular upgrades for the exterior would be adding a set of quarter window louvers. AmericanMuscle offers both unpainted as well as factory color matched pre-painted parts. If you opt for the pre-painted products, you simply have to choose your year and paint code and the product will arrive ready to install right out of the box. This removes the frustration and added cost of going to the body shop. It’s an extremely easy mod that will bring some classic styling to your Pony. One of the most popular is the MMD pre-painted quarter window louvers. MMD is known for their quality exterior parts and really do make the pony look great.

Classic Mustang

What are the top engine mods?

The most popular engine mod for any car is a cold air intake. A cold air intake will replace the factory filter and piping with better flowing, larger piping and corresponding filter. With more airflow your engine will produce more horsepower and torque and even some added MPGs if you can keep your foot out of it. Any cold air intake from AmericanMuscle will always benefit from a Bama custom tune, regardless if a tune is actually required or not. A custom tune will squeeze out the last bits of power from your new cold air intake kit and ensure your engine has the proper air/fuel ratio for optimum performance. This is one of the best mods available and with about an hour’s time set aside to install, you will be able to feel the difference on your first drive!

Bama Tuning a Mustang

What is the best way to upgrade my exhaust?

Ever since 2005, it has been much easier to transform your Mustang’s sound. Having moved the mufflers to behind the axle, the axleback exhaust market was born. There are a ton of offerings available in the axleback market provided by Pypes, BBK, Magnaflow and many more. With several muffler designs, including chambered or straight-through, along with several tip sizes and designs, choosing the right exhaust for you can be somewhat intimidating. On, you can take a look at our video clips and listen to how the mufflers sound and how they compare to one another. These clips will significantly help you decide which one best suits your needs, as some of you want an aggressive note while others prefer a milder tone. Axleback’s are the easiest of all exhaust installations; in under an hour, you can have a new exhaust that not only looks great but sounds great too!

Mustang Rear End

How can I make my Mustang handle better?

One of the largest issues I have with Mustang’s from the factory is the ride height. A stock Mustang’s ride height is nothing to brag about, but can be easily fixed with a set of lowering springs. Most lowering springs will drop your Mustang 1.5-2 inches, making your car much more visually appealing. Not only do they offer the visual improvement, they are a great way to improve the handling performance. With a softer, more flexible stock spring, you often have much more weight transfer and body roll. Adding springs to your Mustang lowers your center of gravity and helps to reduce squat during acceleration and nose dive under hard braking. Springs are an all-around must-have for your pony.

  • Bright, modern and different headlights
  • Classy lookin' quarter window louvers
  • Cool and intense cold air intake kits
  • Loud and proud exhausts
  • Lower springs

Installing any combination of these top five mods will make a significant difference in both appearance and performance. These upgrades help to deliver a great all around package for your 2011-2014 Mustang that will help your pony look better, sound better, handle better and perform better. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day anyway – a muscle car that not only looks the part and turns heads, but sounds and acts the part as well? These upgrades will definitely help to get you started!


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