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How to Install a Scott Rod Fabrication Aluminum Trunk Floor Cover on your 1979-1993 Mustang Coupe

Installation Time

1 hours



Thank you for purchasing one of our trunk: floor covers. The first step to do in the installation is clear all debris from the trunk: area, making sure all loose objects are swept up for proper fit of the tin. In front of the spare tire well is a factory hump in the stock floor pan. You will want to flatten this out with a hammer and dollie, or cut it out all together. Without removing this, the tin work will not sit flat.

You are now ready to fit the tin work. Place the pass side in first, checking the fit along the wheel well, and shock mount hump. You may have to trim the tin work more along these edges to make clearance for the factory seam sealer. When the panel is fitted, the notch in the rear of the panel will line up with the stock trunk: latch brace. Do not rivet the tin down yet. With the pass side still in the car, place the drivers side in following the same procedure as the pass. side. When the drivers side is fitted, the seam between the drivers side and the pass side should be even from front to back. The two pieces of angle aluminum will mount to the taillight panel for the edge of the trunk: floor to rest on for more support. You can now layout your pop rivet pattern along the edges of the tin work.

Use a couple sheet metal screws in the holes to hold the panels in position while you finish drilling the 118 " hole for the rivets.

If you have purchased the trunk: side boards, you can pre fit them now. The side boards should be very close to fitting right out of the box. The only trimming you may have to do is along the wheel well, or at the taillight panel, due to no two cars were built identical back in the day. If you prefer to have the 90* lip on the bottom of the side board go under the trunk floor, mark the floor pan where the lip touches the floor pan.

Remember that you will need to add an inch to your mark so it will rest on top of the 90* lip. Trim off the extra material on the floor pan. If you prefer to have the side boards sit on top of the trunk floor, you can layout your pop rivet pattern on the bottom lip. The top of the side board will rivet to the stock quarter panel support. Measure down on the panel where you would like the rivets to fasten to the quarter support.

You should be ready to final rivet all your panels in place. If you have any questions, or need technical help please give us a call. We will be happy to walk you through the installation process. Thanks again for your order, and be sure to check in with our web site for new products coming out.