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What are the Best Tires for a Ford Mustang

Written By: Stanley Sadowski

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Whether you spell it "tire" or "tyre" you've definitely come to the right place for your Mustang. There are so many options to choose from. What are you waiting for, get that power down to the road!

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Big power is worthless if you cant get it to the ground, am I right? Getting a set of grippy tires can single handily make a huge difference in driving dynamics of your Mustang.

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Things to Consider

A good majority of us enthusiasts spend countless dollars trying to make our cars as fast as we can. Making a ton of power is awesome, but what good is all that power if you can’t get any traction? While there are a lot of other parts that effect traction, the best place to start is a set of tires for your application. The four main things you have to take into consideration when choosing a tire are:

  • Application
  • Size
  • Compound
  • Price

The Right Tire for a Daily

The first thing to consider is what how you're using your Mustang. The properties of tires vary drastically across different fields. Tread patterns, compound firmness, and size all change depending on what you use the car for.

For a car that's on the road every day I would recommend going with an all season tire. There are plenty of options out there for all season tires. I would recommend something that is comfortable and that has good tread life. These will give you a little bit of everything and with a quality tire it will hook half decent on the street when you decide to open up the throttle.

2011 V6 Mustang Cruising Down a Back Road

Drag Racing: For this style of racing it's best to use a drag radial, street slick, or full slick. Full slicks are not street legal so I would recommend either trailering the car to the track or bringing an extra set of wheels with the slicks mounted on them. Drag radials are the most street friendly out of the three but can be dangerous in the rain and on really cold days. These tires are made with a much softer compound than street tires which allows them to get stickier after they have been warmed up, and they provide a little bit of give when launching which is ideal. Due to the soft compound these tires will not last long driving around on the street. Also, it's good to have a bigger sidewall when drag racing to allow the tire to “collapse” when launching. So because of this it is very popular to run a 15 inch diameter wheel in the back to allow for more tire and less rim.

Autocross/Road Racing: If you are just beginning to participate in this kind of racing then I would suggest using a good street tire to get the hang out of. You will learn more about how the car reacts this way before you move up to a drag radial or slick tire. For this style you will want to go with a softer compound tire as well because they will stay warm and will “give” instead of spinning under acceleration on turns. It’s hard to say one tire is better than the other because your personal preferences matter a lot here. 

Mustang Getting Through a Slolam


The size of the tire you choose will also depend on your application. For daily driving you can really run any size you are comfortable with. A wider rear tire will affect the way the car turns though so that is something to keep in mind. If you have a set of winter tires they should be narrower because they will do better in the snow. Skinnier tires will cut through the snow whereas wide tires will kind of just sit on top of it. For drag racing, I would recommend running at least a 275 width tire in the rear. It is best to go with a bigger width in the rear and a smaller width on a narrower rim in the front to help reduce weight. Some people go all way up to 345 size radials in the rear and other people running slicks run up to a 12 inch tire. For road racing I would recommend going with a 275 with tire all around to give you the best of rear traction and cornering. 

Sumimoto Wrapped AmericanMuscle Mustang Rims


Medium to hard compounds are better for daily driving because they will preserve the life of the tread. Summer tires are usually a little softer but not quite as soft as a drag radial. Drag radials, street slicks, and full slicks are usually pretty soft because it will allow them to capitalize on gaining traction as I mentioned before. Road racing and autocross tires can range from medium to really soft compounds depending on your preference. 

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There price range for tires is vast. Some all season tires can be bought new for around $70 a piece and can climb into the $200 range. You have to expect that the higher the quality of the tire the more money it is going to cost. Drag radials and other performance tires mentioned can be found as low as $150 but can go all the way up to $400 a piece. Size is also a big determinate of the price as well. The bigger the tire, the more expensive it will be. Figure out your price range for tires and then browse around at your options and pick the best suitable for your application. 

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