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How to Install a Whiteline Heavy Duty Adjustable Front Sway Bar on your 2005 to 2013 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

American Muscle
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Alloy high performance lateral locks are designed to maintain Swaybar
1. Once you have your Swaybar in position and central with links attached,
attach the lateral locks next to the mounting bush (leave approx 3-4mm gap).
This can be either side of the mounting bush but its best to aim for the most accessible
area on the Swaybar. If there is little room to physically tighten the lateral locks, it may
be best to mark your Swaybar then remove from vehicle then attach the lateral locks
prior to fitment.
2. Tighten the lateral lock bolts down evenly and use mild force to secure.
Note : Please don’t over tighten.
3. After test driving the vehicle, recheck Swaybar position and adjust lateral locks if

N.B: It is recommended that a licenced workshop or trades person carry out the above procedure and that workshop manual and relevant safety procedures are followed in addition to the above.

- 1x 33mm adjustable Swaybar
- 2x mounting bush 67490
- 2x mounting bush 67510
- 2x alloy lateral locks

1. Raise vehicle evenly and support with suitable jack stands or ramps.
2. Unbolt OE Swaybar links and mounting saddles and remove OE swaybar.
3. Clean any dirt/grease from the OE mounting saddles.
4. This Swaybar kit is supplied with 2 Swaybar mounting bush designs - check which
mounting bush design you require for your vehicle (67490 or 67510) and discard other
5. Generously lubricate bush ID with the supplied grease.
6. Once swaybar is central and in position, tighten the mounting saddles and links.
7. Recheck all bolts after initial 100km.

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