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How to Install a PA Performance Alternator on Your 2005-2008 GT Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 1/2" Breaker Bar or Long Ratchet
  • Flat screwdriver
  • 8mm wrench
  • 10mm wrench or socket
  • 1/2" wrench or socket
American Muscle
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  1. Disconnect the battery using the 8mm socket/wrench (negative side first).

2. Remove all sensors and tubes from the air intake and remove the air intake using a flat screwdriver to loosen the (2) clamps.

3. First, using a 1/2” breaker bar or long handled ratchet, insert it into the belt tensioner. Then, turn the breaker bar to the right loosening the belt. Remove the belt from the alternator pulley.

4. Remove the (2) lower nuts to the alternator using a 1/2” wrench or socket.

5. Remove the (2) bolts on the upper alternator bracket using a 10mm wrench or socket.

6. Remove the inner upper mounting bracket bolt on the driver side of the alternator using the 8mm wrench.

7. Removing the Alternator:

  • Step 1: Pull the alternator ahead enough to allow access so you can loosen the passenger side inner bolt a couple of turns This is critical to allow the necessary room to remove the alternator without removing the throttle body.
  • Step 2: Slide the upper mounting bracket forward pivoting on the passenger side bolt.
  • Step 3: Once the bracket is a moved forward, this will allow enough room to slide the alternator out from under the throttle body and off the mounting studs.

8. Turn the alternator over allowing access to the wiring harness. Unplug the harness by pushing in the tab. Pull and remove the power cable with a 10mm wrench or socket.

9. Place the new PA Performance alternator in the same position and reconnect the harness and power cable.

10. Turn the new alternator over and install the upper mounting bracket on the passenger side only. Tip: Tighten the bolt as much as you can while leaving enough play to allow the bracket to fit under the throttle body. Slide the alternator back over the bottom (2) studs and wiggle the upper mounting bracket over the alternator back into its original position.

11. Reverse the previous steps to put everything back together. NOTE: This would be a good opportunity to replace a cracked or worn serpentine belt.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Jason Ferguson 3.27.2012

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