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2015 Mustang Wheel and Tire Guide

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Once you pick out a rim size and style you want for your new Mustang, choosing what tires can work with your choice can prove to be difficult. However, we at AmericanMuscle have wheel and tire combo kits to help facilitate your decision.

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There are a million different wheel choices and styles available from Ford for the 2015 Mustang. The sizes range from 17” wheels to 20” wheels, with tire sizes to accommodate the various widths offered as well.

What are the Stock Wheel and Tire Sizes?

The base wheels on the V6 and EcoBoost models are 17 x 7.5” with 235/55/17 tires, and the GT is sporting 18 x 8” standard, shod with 235/50/18 tires. However, Ford does offer upgraded larger wheels and tires, either for owners who want larger diameter wheels for looks, wider wheels for performance, or a combo of the two. Here are the different options available on the S550 Mustang:

V6 Mustang EcoBoost Mustang GT Mustang
17 x 17.5 with 235/55/17 (STOCK) 17 x 17.5 with 235/55/17 (STOCK) 18 x 8.0 with 235/50/18 (STOCK
18 x 8.0 with 235/50/18 18 x 8.0 with 235/50/18 19 x 8.5 with 255/40/19
  19 x 8.5 with 255/40/19 20 x 9.0 with 265/35/20
  19 x 9.0 with 265/35/19 (PERFORMANCE PACK) 19 x9.0 with 255/40/19 (PERFORMANCE PACK)
  20 x 9.0 wtih 255/40/20 19 x 9.5 with 275/40/19 (PERFORMANCE PACK)

Upgrading to Aftermarket Wheels

Ford’s wheel designs have come a long way in the last few years with them making more and more stylish wheels each year. Not everyone feels the same and are eager to switch out to a different style, or even go with a wider wheel than stock. Choosing the right wheel is a difficult task, having not only to decide on style and color, but what size will fit as well? The most common sizes people choose to swap to are 18”, 19”, and 20”. Your driving style and willingness to replace tires should be the deciding factor on wheel widths. A lot of people prefer the aggressive looks of a staggered wheel and tire set up, but this comes with the caveat of not being able to rotate your tires to promote even wear. The rears will have to be replaced more regularly than the fronts.

Forgestar Mustang Aftermarket Wheel

How Wide Should I Go in the Front?

If wide wheels are your thing, you can run tires up to 275mm or 285mm on the front with most wheels for the 2015. Some may require small spacers due to the offset, but if you stay close to a 35MM offset, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just make sure you double check after installing your new wheels. In order to run tires that wide, it’s recommended to have at least a 9” or 9.5” wheel, depending on the tires aspect ratio. Lower aspect ratios can generally get a slightly wider tire on the wheel and maintain relatively normal grip characteristics. If you choose to go with a 275mm or 285mm wide tire in the front, you can match them with a 9” or 9.5” wide wheel in the back. This set up will give you the best of both worlds; an aggressive look and the ability to rotate your tires. Plus, with the S550 being such a heavy car, having extra tire up front will help with both handling and braking.

Pair of Mustang Wheel Spacers

Do These Make My Rear Look Big?

Going for the widest you can get on the back? Then you’ll want to go with a 10”-11” rear wheel. This wheel can safely and comfortably accommodate a 315mm to 325mm rear tire on a 2015 Mustang. Any wider and you'll have to start modifying the car to make them fit. 11” is the widest bolt on wheel available at this time. In order to prevent rubbing or poking, try to go with a wheel that is around 55mm offset. Adding wheels and tires this wide will prevent you from having traction issues on the street or at the track!

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