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The 5.0: An iconic motor that has become synonymous with the Ford Mustangs dating back to the Foxbody Mustangs of the 80's and 90's. Originally, the first 5.0 motors were performance tuned 5.0-liter, 302 cubic inch V8 engines used to power the third generation Foxbody Mustangs, quickly becoming known as the 5.0 "Pushrod" motor. The last of the Pushrod 5.0 motors came in 1993 when Ford moved to the more powerful 4.6L engines. The 5.0 did not resurface again until 2011 when Ford released its new modular 5.0L engine - the Coyote. These 302 cubic inch, 5.0 liter Coyote motors came with an impressive 412 horsepower from the factory and have been a mainstay for the Mustang GT ever since. So which 5.0 Mustang performance parts are you looking for?

1979-1993 Fox Body Parts
1993 5.0L Pushrod Mustang

The 5.0L Pushrod motor (1979-1993)

The 5.0 Pushrod V8 motors found in the Foxbody generation 'Stang was a high performing motor in its day. Easy to mod and capable of tremendous power gains with only a few 5.0 mustang performance parts and modifications. These high output engines were--and still are--a great motor for race enthusiasts, collectors, and weekend wrench turners alike. That being said, in today's world of super-performing, high-tech motors the Pushrod 5.0 is still king, but with a newly revamped core.

2011-2014 Mustang GT Parts
2011-2014 Coyote Mustang GT

The 5.0L Coyote Motor (2011+)

The V8 5.0L Coyote Motor is the modern day equivalent of the 5.0s of the past and an engine that more than justifies it's legacy. Debuting in 2011 and pushing 412 horsepower (@ 5500 rpms) and 390 foot-pounds of torque (@ 4250 rpms) and from the factory, this 4951 cc, 302 cid modular engine was designed specifically for the Mustang GT and boasts a stock compression ratio of 11.0.1. Upgraded in 2013, the current performance based 5.0L Coyote motors produce 420hp/390ft-lbs.