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How to Install an Airaid Cold Air Intake on Your 2010 Mustang V6

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 5/32" Allen Wrench & 3/32" Allen Wrench
  • 5/16",7/16", & 10mm Socket
  • Ratchet & Extension
  • 7/16" Wrench, Side Cutters, Flat Blade Screwdrive
American Muscle
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Packing List:

#1700-466Airaid Premium Filter1
#2KIT177TAiraid Intake Tube1
#3KITRDCR053 1/2”to3”x2 1/2” Reducer1
#4KITHUMPHS05Urethane Hump Hose1
#5KIT1121MAFADAFilter Adapter1
#6KIT245CADCool Air Dam1
#7KITWSTRIP03Weather Strip 18”1

KIT245HPHardware & Instructions1
#8KIT15DHC30501/4-20 Button Head Bolt3
#9KIT09FWZ0191/4” Flat Washer4
#10KIT15BHC30388-32 x 3/8” Button Head Bolt2
#11KITHS48#48 Hose Clamp1
#12KITHS52#52 Hose Clamp1
#13KITHS72#72 Hose Clamp2
#14KIT25C62HCSS1/4-20 x 5/8” Hex Bolt1
#15KIT1420WZZF1/4-20 Serrated Nut1
#17KIT245BBracket, Front1

KITBIT#01#20 Torx Bit1

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
A) Loosen the hose clamp on the throttle body.
B) Push the green tab, and disconnect the breather hose at the factory intake tube.
C) Slide the red tab, and disconnect the Mass Air Flow sensor wiring harness.

2. Remove the bolt that holds the factory airbox to the driver’s side inner fender. (Save this bolt for later use in step #9).

3. Remove the complete intake system as an assembly. Remove the factory grommet, and steel sleeve from the factory airbox for reuse in step #8.

4. Make sure that you retain the factory grommets in the inner fender from the bottom of the factory airbox.

5. Using the supplied #20 torx bit, remove 2 factory screws, and remove the MAF sensor from the factory tube. (Save the MAF sensor for reinstallation in step #12). Next, using a pair of side cutters, remove the metal band that holds the plastic breather fitting into the factory air intake tube . Now remove the fitting from the tube, and save it for reinstallation in step #12.

6. Using a flat blade screwdriver, pry up the center of the three plastic trim anchors that are shown. Once the center is up, then pry up the bottom half of the anchors up and out of the hole and save them for reinstallation in step #10.

7. Lift up the corner of the plastic trim from step #6 to gain access to the bolt that secures the bracket for the anti lock brake manifold. Remove the bolt and install the front bracket (#17) as shown. Replace the factory bolt and leave it just snug for now.

8. Install the filter adapter into the Cool Air Dam (#6) using three 1/4-20 button head bolts (#8), and three 1/4” flat washers (#9) as shown. Next install the factory grommet and steel sleeve removed in step #3 into the hole in the CAD.

9. Install the CAD into the vehicle aligning the locating pins on the bottom of the CAD into the factory grommets in the fender. Reinstall the factory bolt from step #2 into the steel sleeve and grommet. Next install the 1/4-20x5/8” hex bolt (#14) thru one 1/4” flat washer (#9) , thru the CAD, and thru the bracket securing it with one 1/4” serrated nut (#15). Adjust for fit and then tighten the bolt on the anti lock brake bracket.

10. Reposition the plastic cover and then reinstall the three plastic trim anchors removed in step #6 into their respective holes and push down the center to secure the plastic trim panel.

11. A.) Install the hump hose (#4) onto the filter adapter as shown using two #72 hose clamps (#13). Leave the clamps loose for now. B.) Install the supplied reducing coupler onto the throttlebody as shown using one #48 hose clamp (#11), and one #52 hose clamp (#12). Tighten only the hose clamp on the throttlebody at this time.

12. A.) Install the MAF sensor removed in step #5, into the Airaid Intake Tube (#2). Use the two supplied 8-32 button head bolts (#10), to securely fasten the MAF sensor. Do Not Use The Factory Screws!
B.) Install the provided grommet (#16) into the intake tube and then install the factory fitting removed in step #5 into the grommet as shown.

13. Install the intake tube assembly into the hump hose first, and then into the throttlebody coupler. Adjust for fit, and then tighten the three remaining hose clamps. Next, reconnect the MAF sensor wiring harness and lock the red tab. Now reconnect the factory breather tube to the factory fitting.

14. Install the Airaid Premium Filter (#1) onto the filter adapter as shown and tighten the clamp. Now install the supplied weather strip (#7) onto the top of the CAD as shown starting near the radiator and working towards the left fender.

15. Double check your work!

Make sure there is no foreign material in the intake path. Make sure all clamps, hoses, bolts, and screws are tight. Double check the hood clearance.

Reconnect the negative battery cable!



This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2010 and Submodels: V6