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How to Install BBK After-Cat X-Pipe on your Mustang

Tools Required
  • No Special Tools Required
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  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Raise the vehicle up and safely support it.


  • Loosen barrel style clamps at the rear of the stock H-Pipe section. Support rear exhaust pipe sections behind H-pipe sections. Loosen the clamps at the front of the H-Pipe section where it connects to the catalytic converter pipes. Now remove the stock H-Pipe Section.


  • With a flat head screwdriver, lift the locking tab on the barrel clamps and remove from the HPipe. Slide the barrel clamps back onto the stock exhaust pipes.


  • Lift the BBK X-Pipe section into place and connect to the barrel clamps first.


  • Position the front of the BBK X-Pipe to make the connection to the catalytic converter pipes. You will have to unscrew the clamps all the way out. Position the front of the BBK X-Pipe up against the round end of the catalytic converter pipes to make the connection. Position the clamps in place and tighten the clamps enough to hold.


  • Check the position of the exhaust system and make any adjustments up or down. When satisfied with the exhaust system placement, tighten the barrel style clamps.


  • Now tighten all the clamps starting from the front of the car.

STEP 8. 

  • Reconnect the negative battery terminal and start the engine to check for leaks. Sometimes the connection at the catalytic converter pipes can be a bit tricky to get sealed. If you are having trouble with a leak there, just barely loosen the barrel style clamps and loosen the front clamps again to pull the X-Pipe up to the converter pipes, and then re-tighten the front clamps first, then the rear barrel style clamps.

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