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How to Install BBK True Dual Exhaust Conversion Kit on your Mustang

Installation Time

2.5 hours

Tools Required
  • Hand Tools
American Muscle
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To complete this installation will be require the purchase of a Mustang GT Axle Back kit of your choice and (2) Mustang GT Driver side brackets. The muffler brackets and bolts can be ordered through your local Ford Dealer.

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure correct fitment and operation.

STEP 1. 

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Lift the vehicle up and support on sturdy jack stands or place on a vehicle lift.

STEP 2. 

  • Disconnect all (4) Oxygen Sensors. Loosen and slide back the barrel style clamp at the end of the stock mid pipe section. Remove the hardware at the exhaust manifold collectors for the mid pipe section.

STEP 3. 

  • Carefully remove the complete mid pipe section. Install the catted down pipes to the exhaust manifolds, leave slightly loose for adjustment.

STEP 4. 

  • Lift X-Pipe in place and slide ½” rod brackets into the stock rubber mounts at the transmission mount. Connect to the catted down pipes with the (2) Supplied couplers. Tighten the couplers a little bit to hold pipes but allow for adjustability.


  • Connect the stock passenger side exhaust pipe to the BBK X-Pipe with the stock clamp.

STEP 6. 

  • The driver side muffler tip will need to have a cutout made for it in the rear bumper cover. Use the supplied template for outlining cutout area. The cutout area is the same as the stock Mustang GT. The cut should be made matching the dimensions of the passenger side opening. The inner edge of the supplied template should be 4 ¼” from the edge of the bumper cover support brace edge, viewed from the backside of the bumper cover. Double check by measuring the passenger side inside edge of the cutout for the exhaust tip to the support bracket.
  • Customer can also purchase and install GT Rear bumper cover instead of cutting the V6 bumper cover.


  • With the cutout made and filed to shape, install the (2) driver side muffler brackets that you purchased. There are threaded holes already in the sub frame for the brackets.

STEP 8. 

  • Hang muffler that you purchased on hanger brackets.

STEP 9. 

  • Install the BBK over axle pipe and slip the one end into the muffler pipe. Install the pipe to connect the axle pipe to the X-Pipe. Use the supplied barrel style clamps to connect.

STEP 10.

  • With all pipes in position and connected, adjust positioning for best fit of system. Pay attention to the placement of the pipes as they run past the fuel tanks and cover up the rear end. When satisfied with positioning, completely tighten all clamps and nuts.

STEP 11.

  • Remove the oxygen sensors from the old mid pipe and install them in the BBK X-Pipe. Use a small bit of anti-seize on the sensor threads. Plug in the sensors. Reconnect the negative battery terminal and start the vehicle to check for leaks.

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