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How to install a BBK Electric Fuel Pump Kit on your 1986-1997 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

American Muscle
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1526 110 lph, 1986-97 Mustang GT

1527 155 lph, 1986-97 Mustang GT

1606 190 lph, 1986-97 Mustang GT

1607 255 lph, 1986-97 Mustang GT

1622 255 lph, 1996-97 Mustang Cobra

Wiring connectors and other installation parts not needed or supplied with all fuel pump kits.


STEP 1 Place the rear of the vehicle on jackstands to obtain adequate clearance.

STEP 2 Start by removing the bolt on the filler neck brace.

STEP 3 Next place a floor jack with a block of wood on it under the tank to lower it.

STEP 4 Unplug the wire harness at the rear, top of the gas tank. Remove both bolts from the mounting Straps and slowly lower the tank. When tank is low enough to reach them, disconnect the Fuel lines and the vacuum line from the top of the tank. As you remove tank, slide fill tube Out. Be sure to check the condition of the fill tube rubber seal at the fuel tank. Replacements can be purchased at you local Ford Dealer.

STEP 5 Remove tank completely rfrom the vehicle and using a spanner wrtench or small chisel and Hammer, remove the lock ring for the fuel pump assembly.

STEP 6 Remove the factory fuel pump from the tank by rotating and lifting the fuel pump/bracket Assembly. Take care and keep maneuvering pump assembly to remove.

STEP 7 Install new pump and filter onto the factory bracket and reinstall making sure of filter Orientation.

Part#’s 1606, 1607 and 1622 you will be using supplied hardware with fuel pump kit.

STEP 8 Reverse disassembly steps to reinstall.

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