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How to Install a BBK Chrome Shorty Headers on your 1999-2004 Mustang V6

Installation Time

1 days

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Due to various EGR connection points throughout the application years, steel caps have been provided for the front EGR ports if not used on your vehicle.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

2. Remove the air inlet tube at the throttle body and release clamps on air box to remove the air inlet tube and Mass Air Housing.

3. Remove the spark plug wires.

4. Raise vehicle and support on sturdy jackstands or place on vehicle lift.

5. Remove the nuts at the collectors for the mipipe and drop the midpipe down and back, out of the way.

6. Undo the EGR connection on the passenger side exhaust manifold. 1 1/16" wrench.

7. On driver side, remove dipstick and tube. Bend the front brake line slightly forward and you'll have enough room to remove tube.

8. Remove nuts and studs and stock manifolds from both sides. The manifolds will come out from the top. Passenger side installs from the top and driver side from below.

9. Clean head surface and install the new gaskets and BBK headers with the supplied hardware. Install the provided steel caps on front EGR ports if not used. If used, connect the tubes.

10. Reconnect the EGR tube on the passenger header. Reinstall dipstick and tube on driver side.

11. Reconnect spark plug wires.

12. Reinstall air inlet tube and Mass Air Housing. Reconnect clamps and tighten clamp at throttle body.

13. Install the supplied studs into the BBK collectors and connect the midpipe to the headers using the supplied nuts and washers.

14. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

15. Start engine and check for any leaks.

16. Header bolts should be rechecked after 500 miles or so.