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How To Install a BOSS 302 Alcantra Suede Steering Wheel on your 2010-2013 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Flat head screw driver
  • 8mm socket
  • 24mm or 1in socket
  • Extension for both wrenches’ used for 24mm and 8mm socket.
American Muscle
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Installed on a 2011 V6

Installation Instructions: 

1. First disconnect the battery so that airbag does not go off on accident during install. Leave the car alone and wait 20 minutes for the airbag module to be drained of power. (above) 

2. Using the flat head screwdriver pop out the rubber plugs on each side of the steering wheels so that you can get to the 8mm bolts. (below are the rubber plugs pictured) 

3. Using the 8mm socket and extension to easily remove the bolts on each side of the steering wheel. Save both bolts you will reuse them. (Bolts showed removed in picture below) 

4. Next pull the airbag module out with both hands on each side (Not to far though because the 2 electrical cords don’t pull out far). After the module is out pinch the side of the tabs and pull up. (tabs on the back of the module pictured below) 

5. After that unplug the cruise control plug and then unbolt the 24mm bolt in the center of the steering wheel using socket and extension so that you do not scratch the steering wheel. ( the plug is beside the yellow cable and the bolt is shown below) 

6. After bolt is removed pull the steering wheel off and pull yellow cord throw the steering wheel and put in place the new boss steering wheel. 

7. After that plug the cruise control back up and bolt the center 24mm bolt back on using 24mm socket and extension for wrench so that you do not scratch your new steering wheel. 

8. Then plug the airbag module back up and place the module back in the steering wheel aligning so that you can put the 8mm bolts back in and tighten them up with the 8mm socket. Then put the rubber plugs back in. 

9. Last plug your battery back up and take it for a drive with the new awesome boss 302 steering wheel. 

After install pictures. 

Lights on wheel and cruise control works. The audio buttons do not, because I didn’t have them before. But you can get your Ford dealer to make them work, I’m not sure how much that costs.

Installation Instructions Provided by American Muscle customer Layton Jaynes 11/30/2012 

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