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How to Install Locks with Key for Chrome Acorn Lug Nuts on your 1979-2014 Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Gloves (recommended)
  • Key (provided)
  • Acorn Lug Nut (provided)
  • Lug Nut Wrench
American Muscle
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Hardware included in the box:

 (4) Four chrome acorn style locking lug nuts
 One key

Installation procedure:

1. Safety first! Make sure engine is turned off and vehicle is parked on a level surface and engage emergency brake.

2. Approach first wheel and choose 1 specific OEM lug nut to unscrew.

3. Use lug nut wrench to remove OEM lug nut by turning wrench counter clockwise. Fully detach lug nut from wheel.

4. Once OEM lug nut is removed attach key to the lug nut wrench.

5. Screw on new acorn lug nuts to wheel.

6. Tighten new acorn lug nut by turning lug nut wrench with key in clockwise direction. Tighten lug nuts based on torque specifications which can be found in your vehicles Owner’s manual.

7. Installation on first wheel complete.

8. Repeat process on the rest of your wheels. Once done make sure to release emergency brake before driving.

9. After 50-100 miles recheck lug nuts and re-torque if necessary.

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Allen Syed 05.01.2014

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