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How to install Chrome Headlights on your 1999-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

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Package Contents:

  • Right Headlight Housing
  • Left Headlight Housing
  • High/Low Headlight Bulbs

Installation Instructions:

1. Locate the (2) black pins on the top of the headlight housing that hold them in place.

2. Place your palm on the housing, gently push it towards the engine and slide the black pins out vertically from the top of the housing.

3. After the pins are out, put them in a safe place because they will be reused for the new headlight.

4. To get the housing out, pull firmly on the top and side of the housing towards your body. The housing should pop out fairly easily.

5. Locate the plug connected to the blinker. Lift the clips on the plug and pull out gently. Occasionally, these clips will break off but it will work fine without them.

6. Unplug the main headlight connection by lifting the clip and gently pull it out. Remove assembly from the car.

7. Taking the housing to a counter or table, twist the plastic blinker housing counterclockwise to remove the blinker and attached bulb. Do not touch the bulb itself with your fingers.

8. Place the new housing on your workbench and install the blinker by screwing it in clockwise.

9. ake the housing back over to the car and plug in the blinker and the headlight.

10. Set housing into place and push firmly until you are able to push the black pins back through. Sometimes, it may require a bit of force on the headlight to squeeze the pins through; the more force you put on the headlight, the easier the pins slide through.

11. Repeat steps for the opposite headlight!

Enjoy your new pair of headlights!

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Bernt Powell 3.14.12