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C&L Racer Cold Air Intake ('05-'09 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 8mm Nut Driver
  • 10mm Nut Driver
  • 1/4" Nut Driver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • T20 Torx Bit (included)
  • MAF Sensor Screws (included)
American Muscle
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1. Start by sliding back the red retainer & removing the MAF sensor connector.

2. Go over to the throttle body area & remove the vent tube. There is a green tab on the bottom of the connector. Push it away from you & pull the tube away from the nipple.

3. Go over to the valve cover connection for the vent tube & remove it in the same fashion. This tube will not be re-used.

4. Use an 8mm nut driver or flat head screw driver to loosen the inlet tube clamp

5. Over at the air box, using a 10mm nut driver (or equivalent); remove the air box retaining bolt. Remove the inlet tube from the throttle body and lift the whole assembly from the vehicle.

6. C&L includes the needed T20 torx bit for the MAF sensor. Use a 1/4" nut driver along with the torx bit to remove the MAF sensor from the stock air intake.

7. Grab the new C&L MAF housing. You'll notice that you have a small lip & a big lip. The small lip slides in next to the inlet tube & the big lip is for the filter. Position the MAF sensor slot so that it is pointing back toward the firewall. C&L includes new screws for the MAF sensor, but the factory ones can be reused on 05- a certain date 06. All the other years use self tapping screws that cannot be re used. The sensor will only install in the housing one way & the flow arrow should be pointing toward the inlet tube. If it is pointing toward the air filter, flip the MAF housing around.

8. The plastic heat shield installs in the place of the original air box using the factory 10mm bolt. An extension makes this job easier and prevents you from hitting the paint with the ratchet. C&L also includes a zip tie so you can further retain the filter shield to an ABS brake line.

9. Now put the new inlet tube on the car. Slide the rubber coupler onto the throttle body, insert the rubber hose from the inlet tube on to the nipple on the valve cover. Slide the air filter on to the MAF housing and firmly tighten all the clamps. Plugin the MAF sensor connector & you’re done with this part of the install.

10. The end result should look like this. Seeing the C&L Racer intake has a 95mm air inlet it will require a the ECU to be re-tune for the vehicle to operate safely. The Diablo Predator and the SCT strategy flash programmers are pre-programmed with anew tune specifically for the C&L Racer intake. Simply plug in the tuner to your OBD II port and follow the step by step instructions for your device.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Timothy Guerin 5.4.09

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