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C&L Mass Air Meter / Sensor Housing ('89-'93 5.0) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes


  1. Disconnect the battery to reset the computer.
  2. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) harness from the stock mass air, and remove the sensor from the stock MAF by removing the two fasteners on top. (A T -20 torx bit is supplied for your convenience.) Carefully lift the sensor and O-ring out of the stock MAF and set aside. Be careful not to damage the prongs or wires on the sensor.
  3. Place the sensor with the o-ring into the C&L MAF unit and secure using the existing screws. The sensor should fall into place without any force, and you should feel the o-ring make contact with the housing for a good seal.


  1. Remove the MAF bracket mounting bolts from the shock tower. Loosen the clamp at the back of the stock MAF, and release the four clips on the factory air filter housing cover.
  2. Remove the stock MAF from the mounting bracket and air filter housing cover. Secure the C&L MAF to the mounting bracket with the stock bolts, and attach the air filter housing cover to the C&L MAF. Reinstall the MAF bracket assembly in the vehicle. Clamp the air intake hose over the rear of the C&L MAF, and secure the factory air filter assembly.
  3. Refit the MAF harness connector to the C&L meter and reconnect the battery.

Installation instructions provided by C&L Performance

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