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C&L 73mm Mass Air Meter / Sensor Housing - 19lb Injectors ('89-'93 5.0) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver w/ Exchangable Tips
  • 8mm or 10mm Wrench Depending on Battery Terminal Size


1. To install the MAF first you must disconnect your battery (this is generally an 8mm or 10mm nut) at the negative terminal.

2. If you have the stock factory intake jump down and follow the stock air intake instructions.

3. If you have a cold air intake (similar to the one pictured below), start by loosen the clamps holding the MAF housing in place (circled in red).

4. Before removing the housing from the intake tube, disconnect the MAF harness from the sensor.(circled in yellow above)

5. Gently remove the housing from the tubing.

6. Now insert the torx bit onto your screw driver and remove the MAF from the housing. (The torx heads are circled in green above).

7. VERY CAREFULLY lift the sensor out of the old housing and place it in the new housing of the C&L MAF. Do not force the sensor into the new housing, it should drop in easily and you should feel the o-ring seal nicely.

8. Now place the new C&L housing back into your cold air intake pipe (make sure the flow arrow is pointing the correct direction) and re-install the clamps.

9. Re-connect the MAF harness and re-connect your battery. Start the car and allow it to idle for a few Mins to regain its strategy. After about 5 Mins the computer should be set and you’re ready to go.

Stock Intake Instructions

1. Disconnect the battery, (8mm or 10mm).

2. Unplug the MAF harness from the sensor.

3. Remove the sensor from the stock housing using the Torx 20 bit and gently place it in the C&L housing.

4. Tighten the sensor down using the same screws.

5. Set the new C&L housing and sensor aside, loosen the hose clamps to the stock factory housing.

6. Remove the MAF mounting bolts if necessary. (3 bolts on the bottom of the MAF) Now unlatch the factory air box and remove the housing.

7. Slide the new housing and sensor into the factory air box and re-latch.

8. Re-install the 3 mounting screws into the bottom of the MAF is necessary.

9. Reconnect the Factory intake hose to the MAF and re-connect the MAF harness.

10. Re-connect your battery and start the car allowing it idle for about 5 Mins before driving. Congratulations!

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Timothy Morgans 2.9.10

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