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Professional Products Throttle Body & EGR Plate ('86-'93 5.0L) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 3/8 drive ratchet
  • 3 inch 3/8 drive extension
  • 13mm socket (deep)
  • 10mm socket
  • 8mm socket
  • 9/16 wrench
  • 1/2 wrench
  • Philips screw driver
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Rubber mallet (Optional)


1. First thing we need to do is disconnect the negative battery terminal (8mm) and lay it to the side. To start, loosen the air intake tube or cold air if applicable. Loosen the hose clamps holding the intake pipe to the throttle body and also at the MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor).

2. Ok now we need to disconnect the vacuum hose on the top of the throttle body. (This generally just pulls right off)

3. At this point you can choose to take off your Throttle Positioning sensor (TPS) and your Idle Air Control valve (IAC) and set them to the side. Or remove the throttle body in one piece, which is the way this guide recommends.

4. Now you need to unplug your TPS sensor and your IAC sensor. (refer to above picture)

5. To remove the stock throttle body you will need a 13mm deep socket and ratchet extension. Loosen the 4 nuts on the 4 corners of the throttle body.

6. Now you need to pull the throttle cable off of the butterfly on the bottom of the throttle body. (pull straight down)

7. You can now remove the stock throttle body and lay it to the side.

8. The next step is to remove the throttle cable holder. These are the 2 bolts on the left side of the EGR. (10mm)

9. Now unplug the EGR sensor, and the 2 hoses on the top of the EGR plate (If equipped). Pull the EGR plate off of the car. (This is where the rubber mallet comes in handy. A few light taps should break the EGR loose from the intake if it’s stuck.

10. Now that we are at the intake, take a few Mins to ensure there is no old gasket material remaining on the intake. Also since I am using a 75mm TB and EGR on the stock intake I had to port the opening so it does not restrict the air flow. The intake must be removed before porting. This can be done by using a dremel or die grinder. Be sure to use smooth continuous strokes and use your EGR gasket as a guide. After smoothing any imperfections for optimal air flow you can install the new parts.

11. Now it is necessary to transfer the EGR off of the stock throttle body. Remove the 2 bolts holding it on and inspect the EGR mating surface. Be sure to clean the mating surface removing any old metal gasket

12. Now remove the new bolts out of the new EGR spacer and line up the new gasket. Bolt the EGR to the new spacer.

13. Now place the new EGR gasket on the intake with the gasket line horizontal as pictured.

14. Install the new spacer and reconnect the EGR sensor. Reconnect the hoses on the top of the EGR. (Use your old caps if smog is deleted)

15. Bolt the throttle cable holder back on the left side of the EGR spacer with the 10mm bolts.

16. Next we need to transfer the old Throttle Position sensor and Idle Air Control valve off the stock Throttle Body. The TP sensor is removed by two simple Philips screws. Use the new seal and screws to mount it on the new Throttle Body. You generally need to put the TP sensor on at an angle and twist it back to line up the screw holes.

17. Also remove the 8mm bolts holding the IAC to the Throttle Body. Be sure there is no gasket material left on the IAC before installing it on the new Throttle Body with the new gasket.

18. Be sure to put the new EGR to Throttle Body gasket on with the gasket line vertical. Reconnect the throttle cable and slide the Throttle Body on.

19. Reconnect the IAC and TP sensor. Reconnect the vacuum hose to the top of the new Throttle Body. Use your 13mm deep socket and reinstall the 4 bolts that hold the Throttle Body on. (Be sure to get these bolts tightened evenly and very snug.)

20. Now just reinstall the cold air or stock intake hose depending on your setup. Tighten the hose clamps that clamp it to the Mass air flow sensor and the Throttle Body.

21. Now reconnect the negative batter terminal, 8mm socket.

22. Finally with the Throttle body and EGR plate installed you can test start the car.

23. Give the car a few Mins to adjust to its new throttle body. Your idle will most likely be high when it first starts up, probably around two thousand rpms. If the idle drops then you did a great job with the install and Congratulations.

24. If the idle does not drop then you most likely have a vacuum leak. Using brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner or even starting fluid. Spray around the throttle body and EGR spacer. If your idle goes up suddenly, you found your leak.

25. If you are just installing a throttle body on your mustang then use steps 1-7 and 14-23. Just be sure that you removed all of the old gasket material off of the EGR plate before installing the new one.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Timothy Morgans 1.22.10

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