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How to Install a C&L Street Cold Air Intake on Your 2015-2016 GT Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 10 mm Socket
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Pliers
American Muscle
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Note: This guide does not apply for 2017 Mustangs.

Step 1:  

Remove the engine cover, firmly  pull on the corners to dislodge the  cover from its rubber mount. Using  a 10mm socket remove the bolt  holding the air box to the inner  fender.

Step 2:  

Loosen the hose clamp that holds  the intake tube to the throttle  body. Then remove the 3 vacuum  hoses from the factory intake tube.  Using pliers remove the sound  tube from the factory intake tube.

Step 3:  

Pushing the dark section of the  hose clamp will allow you to pull  the vacuum line off the intake  tube.

Step 4:  

Rotating the gray clip on the PCV  hose will a pull the PCV line from  the intake tube.

Step 5:  

Remove your stock mass air  sensor.  

Remove the clip holding the wire  to the factory air box.  

**Note the orientation of the  sensor on the pipe.

Step 6:  

Insert the provided grommets into the C&L intake and install the aluminum hose fittings.

Step 7:  

With the insert installed in the intake tube, install the mass air sensor so that it goes through the intake tube and the insert. Tighten the mass air sensor with the provided #button head screws.  

**Note: Insert must be used on  stock tune. Removal of the insert  will require additional tuning.

 Failure to do so can cause engine  damage.

Step 8:  

Next install the filter adapter through the air box using three 1⁄4” button head screws and washers.

Step 9:  

Install the air box using the factory mounting location.

Step 10:  

Disconnect the forward part of the resonator diaphragm using a flat screw drive to pry open the clamp.

 **Note: The resonator tube can be  deleted using the supplied firewall grommet and intake plug.

Step 11:  

Using the provided speed clamps on both ends of the resonator tube.

Step 12:  

Install the intake tube using the provided silicone couplers and hose clamps.

Secure the air filter using the provided hose clamp.

Connect the mass air sensor.

Then remove the protective film  from the air box lid and window before installing with the provided 1⁄4” button head screws and washers.

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