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How to Install Covercraft Premium Noah Custom-Fit Car Cover - Gray (94-98 Coupe) on your Ford Mustang

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HOW TO CLEAN YOUR COVER ON THE VEHICLE (for 200 or 380 Series, Dustop, Evolution and NOAH)

1 - Install your cover inside-out on the vehicle.
2 - Mix one ounce (1oz) of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of WARM water.
3 - Spray or sponge the mixture onto the cover.
4 - Rinse with plain water until there are no suds on the cover.
5 - Air dry the cover.

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is available in most automotive and home improvement stores. If you have questions about Simple Green, call 1-800-228-0709, or visit for more information.


Your new cover is equipped with plastic (non-scratch) grommets, reinforced into the bottom edge on both sides of the cover. A plastic-coated, steel cable with padlock and keys is available to lock through the grommets and secure the cover to the vehicle. Consult your dealer for availability.

Gust Guard® is an option for use in areas where wind may lift and/or blow a cover off a vehicle. The kit includes two sets of hem clamps and two 7 foot lengths of cord. The clamps are placed on both sides of the vehicle in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires. The cord is then affixed to a clamp on one side of the vehicle and secured to the clamp on the opposite side to help reduce movement of the cover. Please see WARNING FOR USE IN HIGH WIND AREAS for more information.

An added theft deterrent is the application of large letters on the sides of the cover. Print your name or license number on the cover to make it uninviting to a prospective thief. (Note - see warning for use of ink and markers).


Your new cover is manufactured with a quality fabric, selected for its performance characteristics. Depending on the material you chose, it can provide protection against most natural elements and can be used for storing vehicles outside, and indoors as well. Some fabrics are designed to be UV resistant, some have special finishes to help shed moisture, dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and grime. Indoor fabrics provide good breathability and varying degrees of softness and dust resistance. “Covercraftsmanship” is put into every cover we make!

If your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not retract flush with the vehicle body, you will have to provide an opening in the cover. We have included a noncorrosive plastic grommet set to reinforce the antenna opening.

1) To make the most accurate antenna grommet opening, remove the antenna and install the cover on the vehicle, making sure it is properly aligned and positioned. Using a sharp pencil, punch a hole through the fabric at the antenna location. Be careful to avoid hitting the vehicle finish with the pencil. If the antenna is not easily removed, see procedure #2.

2) Place the cover on the vehicle except for the fender or body panel where the antenna is located. For example, if the antenna is located on the front passenger side fender, roll or fold the cover away from the antenna and cover the remainder of the vehicle. (Do not attempt to place the cover over the top of the antenna.) Center the cover, align both seams with the roof edges and be sure the cover is pulled down evenly over the front and rear bumpers. Carefully unfold the portion of the cover that is next to the antenna and position it next to the base of the antenna. Recheck the overall positioning of the cover to be certain it has not moved on the vehicle. Make sure the cover lies flat over the hood and roof areas of the vehicle. Mark the cover with the location of the antenna base and make a hole with a sharp pencil.

Use sharp scissors to make the hole opening 3/4 inch in diameter and install the grommet as shown in the diagram to the right. The outside grommet ring fit is very tight. Place the cover on a CLEAN hard surface, position the inside grommet through the opening you made and then secure the outside grommet snap-ring in place using a rubber mallet. Do NOT use excessive force or the ring can be damaged. Do NOT install the grommet with the cover on the vehicle.

IMPORTANT - When installing the cover, remember to place it over the antenna before putting the mirror pockets over the mirrors.


The front of the cover is marked with a pattern number and/or logo and the word “front” to help in positioning the cover on the vehicle. If your cover is equipped with mirror pockets (most latemodel custom-fit patterns only), it is very important that the mirror pockets be placed over the side mirrors before the ends of the cover are stretched over the front and rear bumpers. (see drawing at right)

Some vehicles have very sharp bumpers, hood ornaments, moldings, etc. We recommend that you reinforce the inside of the cover at areas exposed to severe abrasion, using cloth-reinforced duct tape or vinyl tape which may be purchased at hardware, plumbing or automotive stores. This will help extend the life of your cover.


Use the following procedure to make it easier to remove and install the cover:

1) Release both ends of the cover from under the bumpers.

2) Fold up both sides onto the top of the vehicle into a long pile approximately 2 feet (60 cm) wide (see Figure "A").

3) Start at the front of the vehicle and fold the cover in three foot (1 meter) folds from the front to the back (see Figure "B").

If you use the same procedure each time, you will find it only takes about a minute to install or to remove the cover.

The elastic at each end of the cover will keep the cover in place under normal conditions. A tiedown rope is also included - secure it through the loops sewn into the hem under the driver and passenger doors if needed. Use care in installing the cover on a car which has just been driven to be sure the material does not come in contact with hot exhaust pipes.

HAZING OF WINDOWS AND PAINT: Airborne pollutants may be deposited on the windows or paint while a vehicle is being driven or when parked uncovered. These deposits may become smeared and create a haze when the cover is used. The haze can be wiped off with a damp cloth or washed off with water.


WARNING TO OWNERS OF REPAINTED VEHICLES: Use of a cover on any recently-painted surface may cause damage to that surface! If your vehicle has been repainted, check with the painter or body shop on the specifics of how and when you can use this cover.

WARNING FOR USE IN HIGH WIND AREAS: In high wind areas (and for extended storage), use the loops and rope provided to securely pull the cover tight under the center of the car. This should be done even if the optional lock and cable is being used. The cover is not designed to replace a garage and should be checked for flapping in high winds. If wind gets under the cover, it can cause it to work loose and come off the vehicle, or damage the cover.

WARNING FOR FREEZING WEATHER: In very rare cases when a heavy rainstorm is followed by an extreme temperature drop to below freezing, it is possible for the cover to become frozen to a layer of ice created between the vehicle body and the cover. Do not attempt to remove the cover if this happens. If it is necessary to remove the cover, we recommend pouring warm water over the vehicle and slowly removing the cover, taking care to inspect the surfaces of both the cover and the vehicle during the removal process. Stop immediately if you encounter resistance - the ice has not been melted completely and you must pour more warm water over the vehicle.

WARNING REGARDING TOWING: Vehicle covers are NOT designed for use when towing. Serious damage can occur to the cover and the paint surface of the vehicle if a cover is used when a vehicle is being towed. Using a cover while towing is done at your own risk!

PERSONALIZED MARKING INSTRUCTIONS: The application of large letters and/or numbers on the side or front of the cover showing the vehicle's license plate or name(s) is one of the best methods for protecting your cover against theft. If you choose to put identification markings on your cover, please note the following:

- DO NOT use regular or spray paint!
- DO NOT use laundry markers or “permanent” type Magic markers.
- DO NOT use any type of felt-tip pen or marker.

The only type of marking paint that is acceptable for use on cover material is a permanent type fabric/T-shirt paint. This paint is readily available in a variety of colors at most fabric and art supply stores. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Use a single coating of the fabric paint for marking the outside of the cover with your personalized markings.

WARNING - Markers and regular paint will not adhere to the fabric and can transfer their color onto the vehicle finish.


Car cover fabric performance can be severely affected by contaminants (dirt, dust, grease, etc.) that build up on and within the material, causing the windshield and paint to become dirty and “fogged” as well as create “wicking” where the contaminants actually pull water through the fabric, nullifying any water resistant properties the fabric may have had. Washing the cover will help to keep your vehicle clean and increase the service life of the cover.

Follow these steps for a successful cleaning of your cover:

1 - Place the cover in the largest washing machine available. Extra-large covers (for vehicles such as SUV’s and pickup trucks), in any fabric, should always be washed in large commercial front load machines.

2 - If available, use the GENTLE cycle.

3 - Based on your cover fabric, use the chart below and wash with the appropriate cleaner and washing machine settings. NEVER...Use fabric softener.

4 - Rinse the cover TWICE (2x) with water only to remove all the cleaner.

5 - Dry according to the fabric chart.

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