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How to Install a Screamin Demon Coil on your 1994-2000 Mustang V6

Installation Time

1 hours

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To assure proper engine operalion, the plug wires must be re-installed on the
Screamin" Demon Coil Packs in the same terminal location from which they were removed. We suggest removing your plug wires one wire at a time from your orginal coils and install them on the corresponding new Screamin' Demon Coil terminals before proceeding to the next plug wire.
IMPORTANT!! As you install your "Live Wire" plug wires on the Screamin' Demon Coil, insert the bottom part of the boot(with the brass terminal first) until you hear and feel it snap into place. Then, push down on the top part of the boot cover until \.he c\\p snaps on securely.
To achieve full benefit from your Screamin' Demon Coil Packs, open up your spark plug gaps to .065".
This product carries a one year warranty.
Performance Distributors' "LIVE WIRES" is a revolutionary type of spark plug wire. The wire comes with a space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide the best protection from headers and manifold heat. The sleeving provides protection from -76 degrees to 1400 degrees! The wires are custom fit for your engine-no assembly is required. For your convenience, each end of the wire is numbered to correspond to the correct cylinder. Spiral winding prevents electronic interference. Heat shrink is applied between the boot and sleeving to keep dirt and moisture away from the wire terminals. Live Wires are available in Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Purple and Silver.