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Exedy Hydraulic Throwout Bearing/Slave Cylinder (11-17 GT, V6)

Installation Time

4 hours

American Muscle
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How to bench bleed a CSC (concentric slave cylinder) that does not have a bleed port.

Step 1. Using a very clean container pour the OEM specific brake fluid in (roughly 4oz).

Step 2. Submerge the feed hose to the slave cylinder into the brake fluid ensuring that the line cannot intake any air.

Step 3. Slowly compress the bearing down releasing the air inside of the slave cylinder until the bearing is fully compressed. Make sure that the inlet hose stays full submerged during this process.

Step 4. Slowly release the bearing back up allowing the fluid to be drawn into the hydraulic cylinder. Make sure that the inlet hose stays full submerged during this process.

Step 5. Repeat process 3 and 4 until no air is seen coming out of the feed hose. This may take several compressions to achieve. Vacuum force will hold the fluid into the hydraulic cylinder but it is essential to cap the feed line with the original cap to ensure no foreign debris enters the hydraulic cylinder.

Step 6. Once the CSC is installed into the bell housing and the transmission is on the transmission jack you will need to remove the cap and either wrap the feed line with a clean rag/towel or connect the master cylinder line as some fluid will compress out when the transmission is bolted to the engine block.

Step 7. Bleed the hydraulic assembly according to the factory service manual procedure.

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