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Flowtech Parts

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Flowtech Parts

Flowtech Headers

Aftermarket components are one of the most effective ways to customize your vehicle, and they're a powerful way to upgrade the performance of your muscle car. There are dozens of different upgrade options available at American Muscle, but some of the most important are the different exhaust upgrades. Exhaust system improvements allow your engine to remove exhaust fumes more rapidly and lead to performance gains and more effective driving. If you want your car to output more power, to run more efficiently, and to sound better, you can achieve all those goals and more using Flowtech Headers and other exhaust upgrades from the company.

Flowtech Headers Deliver Serious Performance Gains

Adding a new set of headers to your vehicle is one of the simplest ways for you to help your car get rid of exhaust waste faster and to increase the power you generate during combustion. Flowtech Headers are wide and they're formed from stainless steel construction to help deliver rock-solid performance gains. These header pipes are optimized for a more rapid exhaust flow pathway, enabling your vehicle to output more power overall. Add Flowtech exhaust parts to your car and:

  • increase power and torque generation
  • make your engine more efficient
  • enhance an already upgraded vehicle
  • improve the durability of your exhaust system
  • customize the appearance of your ride

Flowtech offers high-performance headers as well as full catback exhaust kits. These kits include efficient pathway designs with wider pipes and more efficient filters. The products enable your vehicle to expel exhaust more rapidly and they give your vehicle a serious boost in the process. These exhaust kits are simple to install and they're designed to interface with OEM components without serious modifications required. The products make it simple to enhance your vehicle without requiring expert help to select the components. When you add one of these exhaust kits to your vehicle you'll transform the power output of your ride and make your exhaust more durable at the same time. Adding an exhaust upgrade to your car is a powerful performance boost, and it pairs nicely with intake enhancements that are also available from American Muscle.

Customize Sound and Appearance Too

Most exhaust kits are designed to make your engine more efficient and powerful, but they serve another purpose as well. The kits adjust the sound of your vehicle and can make it seem more intense. Adding a kit to your car can give it a low growl and create a high-performance sound that shows off your devotion to intensity. If you want to make sure everyone around you knows you have a powerful car, adding an exhaust upgrade is a simple way to achieve that goal. The company also offers tail pipes that adjust the final appearance of your vehicle's exhaust system. Use these accessories to style your car and make it stand out compared to the other products on the road. Exhaust components from Flowtech are made to last and engineered to perform. They're impressive pieces of hardware that you'll love showing off and that you'll want to add to your car for the performance gains. Customize your vehicle with performance-enhancing components and invest in aftermarket parts that make your car more intense, more enjoyable to drive, and just better all around. Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the benefits of your changes. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with simple improvements.