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How to Install Ford Performance 87MM GT350 Throttle Body on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 8MM Socket
  • 10MM Socket
  • 5MM Hex Socket
  • 2 @ M6-1.0 x 20MM Hex Head Cap Screws
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Additional Parts Required:

GT350 Throttle Body Purge Solenoid Relocation bracket

87MM Throttle Body Adapter – Stock Manifold (11-17 GT)

1) The stock 80MM Throttle Body casting (on the left) is different than the 87MM GT350 Throttle Body casting (on the right). Note the black arrow (electronics cable connection) and red arrow (major casting difference) on each of the throttle bodies.

2) The stock Purge Solenoid connections point towards the front of the engine and extend over the stock Throttle Body. The Purge Solenoid connections need to be relocated due to the differences in the castings between the two Throttle Bodies.

3) Unbolt the Purge Solenoid and position it towards the front of the engine, the connections do not have to be disconnected. Install the Purge Solenoid Relocation bracket. The bracket will allow the Purge Solenoid to be turned to allow clearance for the 87MM GT350 Throttle Body casting.

4) Reinstall the Purge Solenoid and note that the Purge Solenoid is now turned about 45 degrees to allow clearance between its connections and the casting for the 87MM GT350 Throttle Body.

5) Disconnect the Mass Air Flow sensor and harness from the air intake along with any other connections and then remove any air intake tube from the front of the Throttle Body. Remove the electronics cable on the stock 80MM Throttle Body by first sliding the red locking clip to the right. Then remove the four (4) bolts and the stock Throttle Body can be removed.

6) Note that with the stock 80MM Throttle Body removed there exist a O-ring which faces towards the front of the engine.

7) Install the 87MM Throttle Body adapter making sure that the O-ring faces towards the front of the engine.

8) Connect the electronics cable onto the 87MM GT350 Throttle Body before attempting to bolt the throttle body to the manifold. Be sure to apply the connector lock (red clip). Since the electronics connection is in a different location then the original throttle body there is a very tight squeeze with other cables and it would be impossible to apply the connector with the throttle body already mounted.

9) Bolt up the 87MM GT350 Throttle Body

10) Reconnect the cold air intake tube, the Mass Air Flow sensor and any other connections to complete the installation.

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